BabbleType Review : A Place To Find Beginner At Home Transcription Jobs

BabbleType Review : A Place To Find Beginner At Home Transcription Jobs

Babbletype is a transcription company that offers work at home opportunities in transcription and editing. If you have a great understanding of English grammar, and can meet deadlines under pressure, then this may be a good option for you. This company is very popular among the work at home world so the hiring process is quite competitive. Similar transcription jobs are GMR Transcription and Rev.

The Work at Babbletype

BabbleType is highly known for their professionalism. Most of the transcription work offered at Babbletype is general transcription. This type of work involves listening to an audio recording and typing what you hear into a document. It is then sent to the client, giving them a written file of what’s on the recording.

Hours and Pay at Babbletype

You are able to be quite flexible with your schedule. Out of the 20 hours, you can log in and out as long you meet your deadlines. Babbletype treats their contractors with respect and provides them with steady work.The pay averages to be around $10 per every 15 minutes of audio transcribed. Payments are made on a weekly basis via Payal.

The Application Process

Don't expect the hiring process to move very quickly. Based on the feedback from other contractors, it takes time to land a position. Babbletype delivers high-quality transcription work to their clients, and they want to make sure their transcribers are highly skilled. The company will test everyone to evaluate your potential skill set.These preliminary tests are long and can take up to three hours to complete.  They will then determine if you are a good fit for the position. Unfortunately, you won’t be compensated for the time you devote during the application process. But if you land the job, your time will be well spent.

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BabbleType Review : A Place To Find Beginner At Home Transcription JobsFeedback from Other Transcribers at Babbletype

While some people report finding high paying jobs at Babbletype, others complain that they are far and few good paying gigs. Currently, most of the work available is in the lower pay range. You must be willing to work on some low paying gigs until the higher paying jobs are available. If you just need some type of work, it’s a pretty good opportunity. Read through more reviews at

Final Thoughts

Babbletype is a legitimate source of work at home income, but the work is not for everyone. Personally, I do think it is a good starting point for those seeking work at home opportunities. You will make some money plus gain transcription experience.

Applying with Babbletype

If you'd like to see what in-house opportunities Babbletype have listed,  here is the link to their website.

Have you worked for Babbletype?

I would love to hear about your work experience in my comments below. Good luck to all those who apply!

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