38 Places That Hire Online Proofreaders and Editors To Work from Home

38 Places That Hire Online Proofreaders and Editors To Work from Home If you love interacting with words and enjoy making changes to their spelling, grammar or overall structure, then you are the perfect candidate for an editing or proofreading job. Many companies hire editors to go read through a number of articles and make changes so that the final content meets the required standards.

In most cases, you will be expected to have a good command of the English language and a keen eye for detail if you are to succeed at the job. Many work at home proofreaders and editors earn well from these online jobs both as full-time employees of companies or freelancers that work on available projects for an agreed amount.

38 Places That Hire Online Proofreaders and Editors To Work from Home

This list of companies offer jobs to individuals looking for home-based proofreader and editor jobs are listed below.

American Journal Experts (AJE) – AJE offers jobs to editors seeking job positions as independent contractors in different fields. They hire degree holders with relevant qualifications or those that are in the process of pursuing their degrees.

Book Editing Associates – This site offers editing services for books alongside other services such as book design, manuscript submission and indexing. To get hired you need previous experience of at least four years. When hired, editors put up a personal profile on their site highlighting skills, experience, areas of specialization and testimonials.

Scribe Media – Scribe Media occasionally offers editor positions that target those looking for work at home jobs. The position involves interviewing of authors to ensure you preserve their thought in their work. Editors hired by the company receive full benefits as well as retirement plans.

Cactus Communications – This company hires editors that have a basic graduate degree or a PhD to work for them. Applicants with no degree should have experience in professional editing and be experts on relevant subjects.

Leaf Group – This company offers jobs in copy editing on freelance basis to individuals that have two or more years experience in similar positions. Applicants need to be familiar with AP writing style.

Domainite – This company hires editors on a regular basis and requires that they take an editing test and pass. It is ideal for those seeking editing jobs but do not have a graduate degree or previous experience.

Edit 911 – Edit 911 hires editors and proofreaders that have skills in published writing and hold a PhD in related fields. They offer their services to authors, businesses and students among others.

Edit Fast – Edit Fast hires editors occasionally depending on the business environment to work on content from their various clients. Payment for work done is through PayPal and is usually 60% for each project.

Upwork  – This company offers various editing jobs to freelancers seeking such jobs on their platform. They offer free membership to editors allowing them to bid on various projects and get hired.

English Trackers – This company hires academic editors as independent contractors through their site. They require applicants to have 2 years experience in academic editing and make payments through Pay Pal.

Freelance Writing Gigs – Freelancewritinggigs.com offers proofreading and editing gigs on their platform. Jobs on the site must be quickly picked up to earn good money on a regular basis.

Gramlee – Gramlee has built an editing service online that offers remote jobs to different editors without experience.

Grammar Chic – Grammar Chic offers occasional editing jobs to those looking for such online positions. Information about available positions is provided by making an inquiry through their website.

Guru – Guru is a platform that offers freelance jobs with a special category for editing and proofreading openings. To bid for jobs, online users need to sign up on the free site to allow them to browse available jobs.

Hello Essay – Hello Essay is ideal for freelancers looking for editing jobs focusing on academic essays. Applicants are required to have a graduate degree but may be accepted with less academic qualifications.

Indeed – Indeed offers editors and proofreaders jobs that are done remotely through their job search site. Those hired are placed in categories making it easier to be found using search features or filters on the site.

More Places To Find Proofreading and Editing Jobs

IXL Learning – IXL Learning offers technology based education services and hires editors that are familiar with their learning subjects. They hire curriculum editors occasionally to make changes to their program of study and website content.

Kibin – This company offers editor jobs occasionally on a freelance basis. Interested applicants are required to submit their e-mail addresses to receive notifications when openings become available.

Kirkus Media – Kirkus offers book authors qualified professionals to review and edit their publications. They offer freelance editors jobs depending on available projects. To get hired, you need to pass their sample test and have previous experience in a similar position.

LifeTips – LifeTips focuses on the provision of helpful tips to readers on diverse subjects. They hire editors to assist clients edit content as well as come up with content strategies that work well online. The position comes with a salary and benefits package.

OneSpace Read review – OneSpace offers a platform for freelancers to find a variety of jobs online. They have a category of jobs for editing as well as proofreading positions.

PeoplePerHour – PeoplePerHour matches freelances editors and proofreaders with individuals or companies that need their services. To get hired, you only need to sign up and set up a profile with relevant information on the site.

Polished Paper – Polished paper is an editing and proofreading service that hires professional editors to provide various services to their clients. To get hired, submit a resume and relevant information on their site and pass their editing test.

Proofread Now – Proofread Now hires proofreaders to check over various business documents for their clients on a need to basis. Applicants must have minimum experience of five years and be successful at several tests offered by the company.

Proofreading Pal –Proofreading Pal hires proofreaders regularly and offers good pay for work done.  To apply, you must have a graduate or be pursuing one.

Proofreading ServicesRead review – This company hires proofreaders with no experience to join their team. They require applicants to pass preliminary tests to be hired either part or full time. The pay is competitive with a flexible working schedule as well.

Publications Professionals – Professional editors looking for occasional home based jobs in editing will feel at home at Publications Professionals. The company seeks editors to go through documents on varied topics but requires that they pass a proofreading test at their Virginia location.

Pure Content – This company hires skilled writers and editors that can produce quality content on a regular basis. Applicants’ skills must march those outlined by the company to get hired.

Scribendi – Scribendi hires editors and proofreaders to work on-site and remotely, with full time workers being given preference. You are requires to have a relevant graduate degree and minim of three years experience. They provide training for the job online and offer a flexible work schedule.

Sibia Proofreading – Sibia Proofreading hires experienced editors and proofreaders to work on medical journals, reports, scientific and academic projects. They require applicants to have expert knowledge in the mentioned fields.

Smart Brief – Smart Brief hires copy editors to work remotely on part time basis for their online publications focusing on business news. To get hired, you need to have previous experience as a journalist for 3 years and pass a timed test.

TripsByTips – TripsByTips is a company that creates online content geared towards those in the travel and tourism industry. They hire editors to make changes to written content and rate writers.

Upwork – This company operates as a marketplace for freelancers seeking work at home jobs in online editing as well as proofreading jobs. To get hired, you need to bid on suitable jobs that are available on the site daily.

Wordfirm – This company offers services in editing to various clients and their own publications. They hire independent contractors that hold a graduate degree and have editing experience of 5 years. As an editor, you are allowed to edit content in your preferred categories.

WordsRU – WordsRU offers editing as well as proofreading services to various clients. They hire work at home professionals that have relevant degrees and 2 years experience. Your education background should include a Masters or PhD and ability to produce excellent work.

Wordvice – Freelance editors for Wordvice must have at least 2 years of editing experience and a graduate degree. You should also have a background in at least one of the following: education, natural sciences, medicine, or engineering.

Wordy – Wordy offers online editing services to various companies through freelance editors on their team. They hire editors that have previous experience and hold degrees in relevant fields.

Writer’s Relief – Writer’s Relief offers remote positions to freelancers with skills in editing and proofreading of documents, poems and books among other written content. They have a strict process of selection with only 2% of those that applied getting hired.

Final Words

Finding jobs online suitable for editors and proofreaders is getting much easier with more companies looking to create “perfect” content. These companies continue to hire regularly giving you a chance to earn money online using your skills.

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