Easy Work from Home As A Telephone Mystery Shopper

Have you ever thought about working from home as a telephone mystery shopper? Would you like to make easy money without being held down to a computer? If so, Mystery Shopping may be your answer.

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What is A Telephone Mystery Shopper?

Telephone mystery shoppers evaluate calls and collect pricing data from a variety of companies. Mystery shoppers enjoy the benefits of having a flexible phone job as they are usually hired as independent contractors. However, this means that in most cases you will be responsible for your own taxes.

Easy Work from Home As A Telephone Mystery Shopper

Which Companies Recruit Telephone Mystery Shoppers?

Here is a list of legitimate companies that offer telephone mystery shopping jobs from home.

1. CallCenterQA.org Read more–  Call Center QA is a call center that has part-time openings for telephone mystery shoppers. You are paid $5 for every successful mystery shop call. They have been reported to make fast payments within 24 hours through PayPal.

2. Perception Strategies – This company hires mystery shoppers to call doctors’ offices and retrieve information from them. At first, you may get only a few phone shops per week, but it will pick up as you continue to work. The pay is around $12-$17 per hour. You will need to have a computer with Internet that can access email and also be ready to submit a writing sample to be considered as an ideal candidate for the job. If interested in more information on the jobs on offer, you can send them an e-mail.

3. ARC ConsultingRead more here – ARC Consulting occasionally has openings for phone mystery shoppers. You can apply by sending your resume here or go here for more details!

4. Intelichek – Intelichek is a company that contracts mystery shoppers in the US and Canada. You would be making mystery calls to automotive companies gathering price information. This company allows you to be very flexible with your schedule.

5. Pierce Eislen – Pierce Eislen looks for seasonal telephone mystery shoppers to work from home. You would be calling apartment communities to gather information about rates and specials. This company was paying around $10 per hour but now the pay is reported below:

Compensation – Surveyors will be paid $6 per hour and a piece rate of $.60 for surveys marked Done, $.20 for surveys marked Part-Done, and $.10 per survey marked Answering Machine or Not Available. You will receive at least minimum wage in your jurisdiction for all hours worked.


Personal thoughts on working from home as a telephone mystery shopper….

A telephone mystery shopper is an ideal job for those who have small children and have to work in a noisy household like myself. In reality, the background noise actually helps the mystery calls sound more realistic. Nevertheless, mystery shopping is just a way to make some extra money from home but should not be considered as a full-time job because the work is not steady enough to bring in a significant income.

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