Transcription Hub Review: A Place To Find Flexible Work from Home Typing Jobs

Are you fast on the keyboard? Looking for a flexible work at home typing job? Transcription Hub may be the perfect place for you.Are you fast on the keyboard? Maybe at an average of 60 – 70 words per minute, and you are searching for a flexible freelancing job without leaving your home? You might consider working with Transcription Hub.

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It is a successful transcription firm that allows freelancers to exhibit their typing skills to make money right from their home. This company is similar to other beginner transcription jobs like Transcribe Me and Casting Words.

What Will I Be Transcribing?

These might be the question in the minds of some newbies in the transcription job that have only possessed skills in typing. They offer series of transcription services when it comes to:

  • Any academic audio or video to text work, including ones from presentations, seminars, and lectures.
  • They also offer business inclined transcription jobs, either recorded audios or videos from business conferences, meetings and so on.
  • They are even involved in the media world. Transcriptions can transcribe movies, plays, and soundtracks.

Do I Need To Be Experienced?

  • Apparently, the only skill required here, even without having done any transcription job before is typing. It is the fundamental skill of any transcriber since the job has to do with meeting up with timeframes.
  • When it comes to transcribing at Transcription Hub, interested freelancers are required to successfully pass a qualifying exam to be certified to start taking on transcribing jobs.
  • After the success of any applicant, they can henceforth gain access to the job dashboard to see available transcription jobs, the nature of the job, the subject matter and the price tag of the job.
  • New intakes have to cope with a little pay at first till they get experienced after some positive job reviews.

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How Much Do I Get Paid?

  • It all depends on the rate and speed at which you type per hour.
  • How much you can type per hour determines your pay.
  • You get paid according to how your performance during the qualification exam before being grouped into either the Gold, Silver or Bronze level.
  • Transcription Hub pays averagely little for the jobs completed by their transcribers.
  • The report has it that the company pays at a relatively low rate of $0.75 per minute.
  • The transcriptions jobs don't have any fixed prices.
  • As a transcriber, you'll get paid according to the level you get assigned to. You'll also be paid the rate at which you transcribe per minute of the audio.
  • Transcribers get paid after a collation of their earning per month through Direct Deposit or PayPal.


Is It Full-Time of Part-Time Office?

  • Transcription Hub neither work in full-time nor part-time, but their hours of service solely depend on the availability of the freelancer, since their element of attraction is “flexibility.”
  • After the successful completion of the qualification exam, transcribers are required to pick their convenient work time and a maximum pickup limit, that is, the number of audio files that can be transcribed within the transcriber’s stipulated time.
  • Transcribers have the chance to pick as many audio files as they have as their pickup limit allows but must be completed in less than 24 hours for it not to be met by a negative review.

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Do I Need A Special Computer Software For This?

You do not need any special software. The only needed things for a successful spree at Transcription Hub is:

  • A computer that is in its perfect state
  • A sounding headset
  •  Your typing speed
  • …and you are good to go!

Do They Offer Benefits?

Well, they do not offer any additional benefit other than the earned compensation after a successful transcribed job.

How Do I Apply for Transcription Hub?

You'll need to pass a particular qualifying exam that features a transcribing. Once submitted, it will be reviewed within 24 hours.

After submitting your application, you will have to wait for about 24 – 48 hours to be notified by Transcription Hub whether they are successful or otherwise.

Click here to submit your application online. If you are looking for transcription jobs see this list huge list of 40+ companies.

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