Best 40 Online Typing Jobs from Home for Beginners & Pros

There are various online typing jobs which can be done that does not require a phone as a primary tool for getting the work done. This is a common question I've received on Facebook where I most times recommend home-based typing jobs.

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In this post, I will cover the different types of work at home typing jobs and places to find work. Please note that the pay will vary for each company. is another place to find legitimate work from home typing jobs. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Learn more by reading my full FlexJobs review

Data Entry Typing Jobs

Data entry is one of the most popular non-phone work at home typing jobs which requires very little skill to get done. Having an eye for detail is one of the most important requirements here. You have some sort of control over earnings and can earn as much as $15 per hour depending on how much work you are able to complete.

Here are some platforms where you can find data entry jobs.

  1. Amazon’s Mechanical TurkRead Review
  2. Clickworker 
  3. Fiverr 
  4. Smart Locating 
  5. SpeechPadRead Review
  6. Transcription for Everyone 
  7. Xerox
  8. SigTrack

General Transcription

Transcription services are huge today. They basically involve you making a written or printed version of a video or audio file. For general transcriptions, all you need to really get started are great headphones, rapt listening and some time on your hands. With this, you are on your way to making some extra income.

  1. 1-888-TypeItUp 
  2. 3Play Media 
  3. Babble TypeRead Review
  4. Bam
  5. Casting WordsRead Review
  6. Daily TranscriptionRead Review
  7. GMR Transcription – Read Review
  8. QuicktateRead Review
  9. Rev
  10. ScribieRead Review
  11. SpeakWrite
  12. Terescription
  13. TigerFish
  14. Transcribe Me Read Review
  15. UbiqusRead Review

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Medical Transcription Typing Jobs

All transcriptions are not the same and some may need more skills and requirements than others due to the terminologies with which they are associated with.

One of such transcription areas is that of the medical field. Transcribing for medical purposes requires a lot more experience, often a minimum of a year. Having an AHDI-accredited training or certification is one of the basic requirements for medical transcription, however, this can be overlooked if you do have a great deal of experience.

  1. Conifer Health Solutions 
  2. Code Busters
  3. Pheonix Medcom

Legal Transcription Typing Jobs

Just like medical transcription, legal transcription is not open to all and requires some training and/or experience before being engaged. This is due to the technicalities involved in the field. Having a transcription certification or experience in the field makes it easier for you to find a job in the field. Here are a few platforms where you can find legal transcription jobs either as a full time or part-time role.

  1. Daily Transcriptions Read Review
  2. E-Typist
  3. Net Transcripts

There are some platforms which are not strictly dedicated to one transcription service but do have job openings for both legal and medical transcriptions. Here are a few of such platforms.

  1. Athreon
  2. GMR Transcription Read Review
  3. Ubiqus

If you do know any which you think should be added to our list, do share with us in the comment section and it will be added.

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