7 Simple Ways To Write & Get Paid (Up To $200) for Making Lists Online

Are you the kind of person who enjoys writing and making detailed lists? Then this blog post is for you. Did you know that you can write and get paid for making lists online and earn up to $200?

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If you have been looking for a simple way to earn money online this is an option you can try out today!

How To Start Earning by Writing Listicles

If you’re an avid blog reader you will have seen many list type of articles otherwise known as listicles. You would have seen them as Top 5, 10 or more lists with a headline such as ‘Top 10 Weekend Spa Holiday Destinations’ or, ‘Best 10 Herbal Teas to Lose Weight Fast’.

You could be writing these simple blog posts to start earning money even as a complete beginner as no special skills or formal qualifications are required. Just be able to research well and write engaging and factual information.

To help you on this online writing journey here is a list of companies that you can sign up to and submit your online listicles.

Companies That Pay You To Write Lists


ListVerse is a popular site that offers writing opportunities for you to submit list-type articles of 1500 words or more on any topic. To qualify sign up and carefully follow their terms and conditions and author guide.

You must have a good level of English and be located in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa.

Make sure that your top ten list is fully edited and proofread for the best chance of success. You can expect to earn around $100 for your online article.

A List Apart

If you have a great idea you can write for A List Apart. This company offers a chance for you to produce list articles from short mini-articles to long-length articles. 

The most common request is for content that ranges between 1500 to 2500 words using a casual tone. It may sound like a lot but this length of article is quite common. 

The pay range is from $50 to $200. Just follow their style guide and once you send in your article you will receive feedback on your submission.

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What Culture

When writing for What Culture you can submit list-style articles of 1500 or more words. No special qualifications are required but you must be creative, and familiar with the latest trends.

To register to the site sign up and submit content about films, TV, gaming, wrestling, comics, and other popular topics that you can suggest.

You can submit articles as many times as you wish and get paid for your content via PayPal.


Are you a sports enthusiast? You could be writing helpful and factual top ten lists on your favorite sports team to a 5 million a month audience. 

Although this is not the highest paid at $7 per article, you do get listed as the credited author.

There is a minimum 1000 words requirement and you can receive payment via PayPal or Payoneer within 24 hours of article acceptance. Sign up here.

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This site allows you to write on any topic and the requirements are not as strict as some of the other sites. A minimum of 1500 words is required which is a lot of content to write for only $5 dollars.

They require original listicles of 10 or more but you might only want to use this site to build up your author profile for written articles as a newbie.

WonderList accepts articles from anywhere and payment is made via PayPal. Just follow the basic submission rules and the type of article they will accept.

Top Five Buzz

For a quick and easy way to get paid for making lists online Top Five Buzz gives you the option of writing a list of only five items.

A minimum of 600 words is required and it’s a great place to submit your travel stories and be paid $5.

Simply register to submit your content. You can also add a link to your own blog within your author bio. Follow the guidelines for submission.


If you’re a good storyteller with a good sense of humor you can write and get paid for writing listicles on practically anything on the Cracked site.

It’s a super popular site and there are many who submit ideas and articles for publication. 

To join you will need to register and provide an entertaining and easy to read list type article.

Payment is around $100 with the advantage of the site having around 300 million page views.

Final Thoughts on Ways to Get Paid for Making Lists Online

Now that you know that you can use your own personal experiences to write listicles such as the love of sports, travel or even your favorite TV show you can sign up to any of these sites and start to get paid by writing simple info lists.

No experience necessary and you can do this as a college student, stay at home mom, and retiree as a way to earn some extra income.

If you or someone you know loves to write and can quickly create fun and engaging content why not share this post with them?

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