Upcall Hiring! Get Paid $12/hr To Make Calls from Home

Upcall is hiring remote workers to make calls from home. These online part-time jobs are available throughout the United States.

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Upcall company offers an on-demand customer service solution that boosts brand awareness and revenue.They match its clients' contacts with qualified agents based on expertise and location called Upcallers.

Upcallers are a community of freelance home-based call center agents that assists companies and programs with lead engagement, customer feedback to answer questions about various products or services through pre-written scripts. The company's call-management software is built into its website, so remote staffers make calls online. This is a work from home role that allows you to work on your own schedule

You will also have access to call's history, duration, reviews from clients and statistics to assist you on your scheduled chosen shift. Training modules are provided and can be done at your own pace and will have access to join their Facebook Group’s weekly motivational meeting.

Things to consider when applying:

  • Best candidates are tech savvy with a combination of 2+ yrs of direct/sales experience.

  • You will need to have a desktop or laptop computer, stable internet connection, a pair of headphones (either integrated or as a headset) and a quiet place to work from.

  • You will earn a minimum of $12/hr plus tips as a 1099 freelancer.

  • Must be comfortable learning to follow scripts in a written and verbal format.

  • Application process on average may take a few days to process.

Applicants may apply here for this remote role from anywhere in the United States.

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