Ubiqus Work at Home Review: Freelance Transcription & Proofreading Jobs

Ubiqus is always searching for sharp and talented employees to fill work from home freelance positions with the company.  Some of the freelance jobs at Ubiqus are for transcriptionists, proofreaders, writers, translators, and interpreters. Ubiqus has grown into one of the largest and has local offices in New York, New Jersey, and California.

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Company Overview

There are great freelance jobs at Ubiqus, including translation, transcription, and interpreters fields. In the company's 60 years of existence, Ubiqus has built quite a resume and has helped over 23,000 clients get help. 

In 2017, Ubiqus was busy and translated over 21 million words into 187 languages, helped interpret in more than 40 different languages, and transcribed over 33,000 hours of recordings into over 300 million words. You can be apart of this, all from the comfort of your home.


What Does the Job Entail?

We’ll highlight a few of the responsibilities for both transcriptionists and transcript proofreader. Both positions are part-time and work nicely tailored around your schedule.  


You will be producing transcripts of many different types and lengths. Templates will be provided for the final template that is required for all transcripts. Employees can go off the template until they are comfortable formatting without it.  Some of that formatting that you will be doing is making sure timestamps are entered throughout the transcript.

Some clients will provide a participant list which is perfect if a speaking event is what is being transcribed. They should have the name, order they spoke, and the first few words of each person's presentation or speech.

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Transcript Proofreader

You will be reviewing text transcripts against audio files. You’ll be in charge of double-checking everything matches up and makes sense so far. You may have to correct some typos and other simple tasks like that. It’s not just spelling you have to make sure is perfect you also may have to look into changing punctuation and researching proper names and terms if you feel it is necessary.

Proofreaders also have to make sure all transcripts are formatted correctly and match the provided templates as close as possible. Like transcriptionists, proofreaders have to confirm that timestamps are part of the transcripts as well.

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What Type of Documents are Transcribed?  

As a transcriptionist with Ubiqus, there are a few different types of transcripts you’ll need to work on. Foreign language, cooperate, legal, and medical are some of the top categories Ubiques provide transcriptions services for.

Ubiqus transcribes audio in over 130 different languages and 30 or more different audio or video files. Foreign language quotes can be requested online and you will get an answer within 24 hours.  Legal transcripts could be informational, trial, and investigative purposes.

What are the Requirements?

To work for Ubiqus candidates should be U.S. based and a native English speaker.  All of the freelancer positions suggest 1-5 years of relevant experience before being hired.  

You also need to be a driven individual who can be productive without supervision. You would also need to be open to regular feedback on the work you submit. Employees need to be able to meet deadlines. Ubiqus prefers workers to have excellent communication skills and also be able to proficient using Microsoft Word. Ubiqus transcriptions will have to stay up to date on their training and tests. They will also continually have feedback to make sure they have the most relevant and needed information to be successful.

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Equipment Needed

Besides the basic computer and quality internet connection, you won’t need much equipment working for Ubiqus. Purchasing a foot pedal may make your life easier though. A foot pedal will help you control the audio, stop and slow down, with ease.   


Ubiqus mostly pays you based on the amount of work that you do. Transcriptionists for example get paid for each word for a submitted transcript. The more specialized transcripts, like the ones in a foreign language or medical, most likely get paid a little more.

How to Apply

Finally ready to look at the freelance jobs at Ubiqus? You can apply by visiting the Ubiqus employment opportunities section.

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