Daily Transcription Review: A Flexible Work From Home Job For Newbies

If you want to try something new to make extra money from home, consider transcription as a career. You can get paid to type and don't have to use the phone. This is an ideal work from home jobs for introverts as there are many legitimate opportunities available.

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It’s a simple job that you can from home as a freelancer.

Want to work from home as a transcriptionist? Check out this Daily Transcription review to learn how to get started and make money from home.

What is Transcription?

This is when you convert speech either recorded or live onto a document. Sometimes transcription services are used for business, medical, or legal purposes. Some people need audio or video transformed into text and that’s what transcriptionists are best at. There are specific niches for transcription or you can be a general transcriptionist and work on a variety of different types of content. In terms of which company you can work with from home, Daily Transcription is a popular option.

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Benefits of Working for Daily Transcription

Daily Transcription has been around for over a decade and has perfected the art of transcription and translation services for their quality clients. This company doesn't outsource work overseas so their jobs are available for U.S. residents.

Some of the benefits of working with the company include advantages like:

  • You'll be able to create your own schedule, so you can work whenever and wherever you would like.
  • You will be paid weekly.
  • You will receive training, coaching along with feedback on how things are going.
  • Top transcriptionist that works with daily transcription makes between $250- $950 per week.

What Experience and Skills do I Need?

Normally you need to have typing skills of at least 50 wpm. The higher your wpm the better, but accuracy is also very important. You also have to have great listening skills and punctuation skills. You should also have a sharp memory, great focus, and determination.

A certificate or degree is usually preferred when searching for a transcriptionist position, but not with daily transcription. Transcriptionist should also have a basic knowledge of technology.

Who Would Make a Good Fit?

Anybody that is willing to work from home and doesn't mind typing could earn money as a transcriptionist. Yes, you do need to have decent typing skills and be able to accurately transcribe content, but this is the perfect opportunity for a newbie who's looking to break into the field. 

This can be a great opportunity for anyone that can speak a foreign language. The more languages you know the more work you can have.


What Equipment do I Need?

Headphones/headsets and a desktop or laptop are essential needs for people interested in becoming a transcriptionist. To work for Daily Transcription, it is highly recommended to have a foot pedal, but it’s not required.

With a foot pedal, you can free up your hands from having to pause the audio. The key thing your hands have to do with this job is type. You can also play, rewind, and fast forward the audio by hitting a different section of the pedal. You would need to get some sort of audio playback software to connect to the foot pedal.

Word processing software like WordPerfect or Microsoft Office will make your life easier as well. Last but not least, having a type of software like Grammarly would be helpful. Grammarly will check over your work and find any errors you may have made. The software highlights errors in red and gives you a suggestion on how to fix it. This can be helpful because errors can easily occur when you are typing.

How Much Can You Make?

Working with Daily Transcription, you'd be an independent contractor so you'd be responsible for paying your own taxes. The company pays between $0.75 – $0.85 per audio minute which is higher than some of their competitors including Rev, Transcribe Me, and Scribie.

Daily Transcription doesn't guarantee hours but that also means you don't need to commit to a specific schedule making this an ideal flexible work from home job

Application Process

To be considered for the transcriptionist position with daily transcription you must live in the United States or Canada. Under certain circumstances, the company hires candidates outside the United States and Canada for positions like subtitling, captioner, and translation. If you are proficient in a second language then you may have a chance at one of these openings. The position openings are posted on the Daily Transcription website. Go here to start the application process.

When you apply you will also be expected to pass a skills assessment test in addition to an actual transcription test.

If you're looking for a flexible work from home job, consider being a transcriptionist. With time you can be great and be in charge of how much you make.  

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