How To Make Money Selling Courses Online With Membership Sites

If you are reading this, then by now you should know that it is not impossible to make money while working from the comfort of your home. Most entrepreneurs who have chosen to make money from home think of strategic ways to make a passive income. But did you know that you can make money selling courses?

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The process may be difficult at first but when you eventually kick start it, the effort needed to sustain the business becomes reduced. For you to be successful as a stay at home Mom or Dad, you will need to make both passive and recurring income and there is no better business to help you achieve this objective than creating an online membership site.

In this article, I will be showing you how to make money from home selling courses with a membership site. So just relax while we go on this money-making journey together.

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What is a membership site?

A membership site can be likened to a book club where you will not be able to gain access to books if you are not subscribed to the service. So in essence, a membership site is a place where people subscribe to gain access to contents that are not regularly available anywhere on the web.

There are so many membership sites and each of them offers a wide range of resources ranging from books, articles, tutorials, video lessons, applications and even software. Most people prefer to join membership sites because they will gain access to premium content, learn faster, and become knowledgeable than the normal internet surfer. 

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Types of membership sites

There is no limit to the type of membership website that you can come up with and that is because there are a whole lot of ways for you to offer services to your paid members. Some of the type of membership website that you will find today are:

  • Courses: On this site, you as the owner of the website will be required to teach your subscribers what you know about your niche.
  • Premium Contents: You can also decide to create exclusive and informative contents and then choose to offer it at a price to members of your website.
  • Researched Information: You can research a particular trend or promo and make it available to your customers at a price. For instance, Information like Free Coupon Codes to Use on your next Amazon Purchase will sound interesting to customers who purchase on Amazon almost on a regular basis. 

You can also sell PLR contents or Digital information and make money while at it. The most important thing to note before creating a membership site is that the article must be Unique, Informative, and must add value to the audience. Try not to offer information that your subscribers can find easily because even if you succeed in making them subscribe at first, they will cancel their subscription and never click your website again.


Ideas to make money with paid membership sites

Making money on a paid membership website is dependent on what you as the owner has to offer that your subscribers cannot get for free on the Internet. The key to achieving this is to find an idea that is trending and most people are requesting information about it.

For instance, if you can teach the guitar professionally, you can create a video tutorial around that and tell people to subscribe to access the service. You will be surprised at the number of people who will subscribe to the service. Apart from this, you can also offer software, counseling, and consulting, and content generation services. 

If you really want to succeed with Paid membership sites, then you need to be able to offer a whole lot of quality information for free. This will help your viewers gain an insight into the kind of information you provide.

Creating your own membership website

Before you start your own online membership website, you must first do the following:

  • Brainstorm on possible services to offer on your website. Your interests and skills will influence this decision a lot.
  • Carry out extensive research on the service you have chosen to determine if it is an hot niche or not.
  • Create a plan for the membership programme. This will include how to deliver the contents, when to send the contents to your subscribers etc.
  • Purchase all the tools you need to offer the service
  • Determine the price for members
  • Build and market the website to get more subscribers
  • Continue uploading quality information to keep customers glued to the website.

How to start a paid membership site as a beginner

As a beginner, it is imperative to note that membership sites are quite different from the traditional online courses and this is because instead of creating one full content and sell at a one off price, membership sites will require you to keep updating the site with contents relevant to your niche. Apart from this, there is still loads of work to do especially if you do not have the technical knowledge of building and maintaining a membership website. If you want to make money from membership sites as a beginner, here are some places where you can start a paid membership site.

  • Teachable: Most people who have heard about Teachable think it is only an Online Course Platform. Apart from been an online platform, you can leverage on the Teachable platform to create your own membership site and make money from it. Teachable has a course bundle feature that you can use to Sell subscription to your membership website and control the level of contents that your subscribers can access.
  • WordPress plugins: One beautiful thing about WordPress is that they have some amazing plugins that you can install to create your own membership site without stress. You can choose from a wide range of WordPress courses plugins to host and sell to your susbcribers such as:
  • Coursepress Pro
  • WP Courseware
  • LearnDash

Other platforms where beginners can start a paid membership site without stress are Udemy, Thinkific, Skillshare, Learnyst, Learnworlds, etc. 


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