Legitimate Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs

Below is a list of work at home jobs that don't require you to talk to customers over the telephone. To apply for these non-phone jobs, you will be required to have a working computer and internet that is high speeds to do the job well.

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Some of these companies pay per assignment completed, per hour, or even per task depending on their policies. You can browse them by category and find the ones that interest you the most and send in an application. Keep checking the site for new opportunities that will be added to the list!

Categories for Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs


Your role in this job will involve the writing of reports and keeping records of financial transactions that the company participates in. For accurate report writing, you will need to sort, store, and summarize financial information then present them accordingly. Here are companies that regularly recruit work at home bookkeepers and accountants.

Chat/Email Support

If your passion is to help people solve their problems and can do so through email or chat, then this non-phone work at home job is for you. Here are companies that are offering online chat support agents a chance to work with them.

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Prefer a non phone work at home job? Here is an awesome list of online jobs by category. Typically the work does not require you to talk to customers over the telephone. Some included in this list pay by the hour, some pay per task, or assignment you complete.Data Entry Jobs

Can you type a minimum of 30 to 50 words a minute? If yes, these data entry jobs are for you and you can work remotely from home. However, for transcription jobs, the keystrokes per minute could be even higher.

Internet and Web-Based Jobs

Professionals in Web design can find work at home opportunities in the companies listed here. The jobs are listed under the category of Internet-related positions.

Moderating Jobs

Online moderators are hired to monitor community forums, social media activity, chat rooms, and more. If you are interested in such jobs, then here are companies that hire work at home online moderators.

Online Tasks and Micro Jobs

Make extra cash by doing small tasks satisfactorily is becoming quite popular among people looking for work at home positions. This post gives you an idea of companies that offer odd jobs as well as tasks for good pay. And it's a non-phone job, which is a huge benefit.


Paid Surveys

Completing online surveys can now earn you extra cash whenever you give feedback on your experience while using a product or service. Here is a list of survey panels that offer legitimate surveys to online users so that they can share their opinion and in return reward you.

Tutoring /Teaching

Tutors can now get jobs online as long as they have a basic bachelors’ degree. The classrooms are virtually based, with students from all over the world. If you want to apply for such jobs but have no experience, here are a few companies to check out.


These non-phone jobs need no experience to begin and are usually referred to as “general transcription”. All you need to do is listen to a file that has been pre-recorded and type out what you hear on a word document. This post will give you a list of transcription positions that are ideal for those looking to make an entry into these types of jobs.


Blogging and writing articles on different topics is a good way to make extra money online. Here are some companies that offer writing jobs to freelancers for good pay regardless of the subjects they decide to write about.

Website Tester

Evaluating and testing websites can earn you around $8-$10 for every test you complete.  This non-phone job involves taking tests that last about fifteen to twenty minutes and then get paid.

Web Search Evaluator

If you enjoy browsing the internet, then getting a non-phone job as a web search evaluator should be fun for you. For search engines to remain relevant, they usually hire work at home web evaluators to help them stay current.

Virtual Assistant

Getting hired as a virtual assistant can mean handling many tasks given to you by your client. Some of the tasks in this category that can be done from home include scheduling appointments with other businesses and mailing out documents on their behalf.

Non-Phone Work At Home Jobs

There you have it, a list of all of the non-phone work at home jobs that you can apply for!

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  1. Nikki

    Hi can you recommend any work from home for part time and pays through Paypal since i am from the philippines.

    1. Lashay H.

      Yes. You may have better luck signing up with Upwork.com, People Per Hour, and Freelancer.com

      1. Miraflor Pajal Bustamante

        Hi, do you still have available chat support job?

  2. Mgmt

    Hi, Are there any platforms like “Arise”. I`ve checked out many companies similar but not what I need. I need a platform that will allow me to offer my employees campaign opportunities like Arise. Also, is there a site that will grant IB`so more priveleges. Arise is very limited and they email your employer direct offering to go with other IB`s or to start a business of there own and that`s not what we want.

    1. Lashay H.

      Yes. A few others are Great Virtual Works, Intuitive Solutions, and World Travel Holdings,

      1. Mgmt

        Thanks! I’ve checked them out, but I can’t offer my employees to work under me on those platforms or am I looking at the wrong place? Seems as with those companies, I can personally work for them directly as their employee or independent contractor but not as an IB.

  3. shayla

    Hey Lashay any non phone work from home jobs?

    1. Lashay H.

      Hi, Shayla! Yes. There are options like transcription, captioning, writing, tutoring, search evaluator, web researcher, bookkeeping, etc…

  4. Yvette Vaughn

    Hey I’m disabled and I need a work at home job I only have a laptop and high speed internet can you help me

    1. Lashay H.

      Hi! Of course 🙂 Can you explain more about the type of skills you have? This will help me narrow down the best options for you….

  5. pinkdot17

    Hey there! I’m happy to report that I’m in the middle of the Onboarding process for Zero Chaos. I’ve read online that employees may be subject to termination at any given moment without warning. So with that being said I’m not quitting my day job but its a start to get my foot in the door working from home part time. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Morganne Carpenter

    Great post but I just`wanted to let you know there was a typo in the Tutoring/Teaching paragraph where “jobs” is written as “jibs”

    1. Lashay H.

      Hi Morganne! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I really appreciate it 🙂

  7. Quiana Seymour

    God bless you

    1. Lashay H.

      Thank you so much! Blessings to you and yours!

  8. knbmakeshistory

    Which jobs are open to people with no experience and no skill? I don’t have experience in most of these jobs but I would like to be self-employed part-time. I’m pursuing my Bachelor’s degree but in an unrelated field. I have more experience in hands on tasks. I also hate talking on the phone and would like some flexibility in my schedule since I’m a full-time student with a part-time job and involved with some organizations as well. Which jobs do you think would be best suited for me? I’m already making a decent amount with surveys but want to try something else and don’t know where to start.

      1. knbmakeshistory

        The link doesn’t work 🙁

        1. Lashay H.

          I apologize! Try it again, it is working now 🙂

  9. DE

    Do you have a list of any legitimate work from home jobs/companies not requiring computer/internet?
    Like assembly or task related work

    1. Lashay H.

      Most positions will require you to at least have internet connection.I would suggest looking into freelance writing if you don’t have neither.

      1. Natasha

        This article is great! I work from home yet am seeking freelance writing opportunities. I write for a greeting card company or contest daily. I enjoy poetry and non fiction. Can you recommend sites that pay well and pay right away? Thank you for your help. I have lot’s of Customer Service and Clerical experience too any jobs from home I can do?

  10. nikki

    Are there any work at home jobs? I don’t need a landline and also don’t have a degree or experience working from home? I am in the us

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