Best 11 Online Work at Home Jobs that Don’t Require Being on the Phone

Best 11 Online Work at Home Jobs that Don't Require Being on the PhoneIn today's post, I will cover online jobs that don't require being on the phone. It seems almost every internet-based job involves some interaction over the phone, which can be frustrating for myself as well as others who have small children or pets at home.

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Below you will find some awesome work at home opportunities ranging anywhere from chat-based to medical jobs and even paid product testing.

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#1 – Chat and Email 

Online chat and email jobs are among the most popular work at home jobs. Working as a chat agent involves assisting customers via chat or email –  no phone required. This is ideal for stay at home moms with a noisy background.

Go here for more online chat jobs.

#2 – Online Tutoring

Online tutoring involves working one on one teaching students from the convenience of your home. Typically all tutoring sessions are done via Skype or through some type of video software. This is an easy way for students to learn virtually without being in a classroom.

Go here for more online tutoring jobs.

#3 – Data Entry

Data entry is another popular work at home option that is hard to find. While there are many scams, there are several legitimate companies that recruit data entry keyers.

Go here for more data entry jobs.

#4 – Scoring Tests

You can work from home scoring standardized testing for students in elementary, middle, high school, and college. This job typically requires some type of educational background.

#5 – Search Evaluation

If you're great at navigating through the internet, this could be an ideal opportunity for you. Your role involves making sure major search engines like Google and Yahoo stay updated.

Go here for search engine evaluation jobs.

#6 – Online Moderation

As an online moderator, you may be managing comments on forums, chat rooms, or social media posts. Your job is to make sure the energy stays positive and to kick the bad guys out.

Go here for more online moderation jobs.

#7 –  Medical Coding

Medical coders typically work in the billing office of medical offices or hospitals. However, several companies will recruit medical coders to work remotely from home. I recommended having at least 1-2 years of experience working in the field before being hired to work remotely.

#8 – Product Testing

Product Testing is a fun and easy way to make money testing out free products. Consumers want to know what you think about a new product before it is released to stores. For sharing your opinion, you are rewarded with cash, free products.

Go here for more product testing jobs.

#9 – General Transcription

Transcription involves listening to an audio recording and typing what you hear into a document. It is then returned to the client, giving them a written record of what’s on the recording.

Go here for more transcription jobs from home.

#10 – Surveys 

Many legitimate paid survey sites will pay you for sharing your feedback in exchange for cash, store gift cards, electronics, and other rewards. You won't necessarily make hundreds of dollars per month, but it is an easy way to get paid for your time and participation.

Click here for more legitimate paid survey sites.

#11 – Writing/Editing

When it comes to writing, there are endless opportunities available to showcase your skills. I would recommend offering your writing services on reputable freelance sites such as Problogger and Upwork. Go here for a monster list of 100+ writing and editing jobs.

Don't live in the US? Here are some International non-phone jobs to consider:

  • AppleCare at Home(Read full review)– AppleCare hires work at home advisors to assist customers through online chat. Open to the US and Australia.
  • Shutterstock – This company hires image reviewers to work from home in the following countries: US, Canada, Philipines, Mexico, France, Japan, South Korea, and North America.
  • Lionbridge(Read full review) – Lionbridge also recruits search engine evaluators to work from home. Open worldwide.
  • Xerox – This is a large company that offers a variety of positions in customer service, data entry, software programming, and more. Xerox works with employees in over 160 countries worldwide.

Go here for a MONSTER list of 100 worldwide work at home job leads.

Have An Ideal Non-Phone Job? 

Do you work at home doing something that doesn’t require being on the phone? By sharing experiences and recommendations, this page can become an even better resource for those wanting to find an online job at home, but prefer it to be something without chatting on the phone.

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    This Post Has 21 Comments

    1. Rei

      Hi Lashay,
      I am a mom of 4. My 4th is only 2 months old and I am desperately seeking an online no phone job. I am bilingual, 50wpm and years of exp in the medical field so I am open to ANYTHING that will allow me to stay at home with my baby. Please help!

    2. Krysta Redmond

      Hello! I’m going to be having surgery some time after December 12th and am going to need to rest for 2-3 weeks. I tried applying for apple care but I didn’t know what position to apply for. I was hoping you could help me with the link to be a chat specialist? If not, could you help me find another job that will train me with no start up fees to be a chat specialist? I would work on the phone but the company I have drops calls all the time.

    3. Janis Humphreys

      I am disabled and need extra money. I am really looking for form filling or copy and paste jobs. But, I am willing to do almost anything that does not include being on the phone.

    4. Veronica Williams

      Hi Lashay, I’m looking for a work from home job/career. I currently work in a medical office which it’s taking a toll on me. Tired if the foolishness and daily commute. Please help…in desperate need. Thank you.

    5. mae


      i saw your you tube video.. i am a filipino. do the sites you mentioned here hire foreigners, filipino for instance? is the system of payment mentioned in their sites as well? i haven’t gone to the sites you have mentioned yet.

      i appreciate your reply

      thank you

    6. Grace M

      Hi Lashay I need help in finding work online entry or any non phone work.

    7. Faith Stewart

      This is a really great list. Of course, I always point towards writing if you don’t want phone work, and I sometimes miss other great options. Thank you!

      1. Lashay H.

        Thanks, Faith! Yes, I agree. It’s definitely less stressful than being held down on a customer service call :-).

    8. Allen Es

      I tried to create an account, and it was two days before I received an email response with a confirmation code that was time sensitive! Unfortunately, I wasn’t around when this time sensitive email finally arrived.

      Anyway, I tried to reset my password, and “an unknown error” occurred. I tried to recreate my account, and it said, “email already taken.” I sent a help ticket, and a Robert Freeman replied, “I checked and found that your account was flagged while performing a regular review of our database. As a result, I am sorry to inform you that the account was closed. Thank you for your understanding. All the best, Robert Freeman”

      I replied, “I never got to complete a survey, or any other activity that might result in my account getting “flagged.” I was waiting for a confirmation code to OPEN my account. So, you’re going to need a better explanation than that. If you cannot provide one, then I will report you to the BBB and several review sites, quoting this exchange.” Two days later, no response. So here I am.

      Evidently, they don’t want people. So perhaps they don’t want to be in business anymore.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Allen! Did you sign up for my email list? If not, please explain which company you signed up with. Looking forward to hearing back from you!

    9. Krista Moore

      Hi lashay, I was hoping you could find me a stay at home job, I’m in desperate need, please and thank you so much.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi, Krista! Thanks for writing in. Of course 🙂 What type of work were you interested in?

    10. Travis

      I’m looking for a work at home job that would ship a product to me and allow me to assemble and return or ship out for them.any suggestions

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Travis! Unfortunately there are not any legit assembly jobs. Another option that may be of interest to you is getting paid to sort mail. US Monitor is a legit work at home opportunity.

    11. Veronica

      The link to the apple job specifically said the a phone line was required? ?? First thing I noticed when I clicked on YOUR subpage? You would think you guys would know your own content ? Misleading for people that are doing research to find work from home.

    12. Kathy H.

      I am looking for work at home jobs online customer service in medical or tech support help.

    13. Lashay H.

      You’re Welcome! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I will make sure to add those companies to the list.

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