Top Rewards Sites Where You Can Get Free Products Online

Want Free Products? These Top Rewards Sites Give Free Products Online ( Beauty, Health, Fitness)Rewards sites are great for people who have some spare time to spend on each of these sites and earn cash or free products doing various tasks. One of the most popular ways to get rewards from these sites is to get free products. If you are interested in receiving free products online by completing various easy tasks from the comfort of your home, read on.

What Are Rewards Sites?

One of the most popular ways to make money online is through rewards sites. These are sites that pay you to complete a wide variety of short tasks online.

However, many of these rewards sites also pay FREE PRODUCTS for searching, shopping, taking surveys, etc. Most of these rewards sites have mobile apps, so you can access these sites even when you are not at home. Many rewards sites also have referral programs which allow you to earn points, etc that can be redeemed for free products. Below I have put together the top rewards sites that pay free products:


PINCHme works with many reputable manufacturers like Unilever, L'Oreal, Kellogg's and Kraft. The site has one of the largest online communities and hundreds of thousands of members. It is free and easy to create a member profile. Each week, a PINCHme member is shown a range of products on the site. Each member is able to select exactly the sample they want. Then they are encouraged to provide feedback which helps the relevant manufacturer figure out who their target consumer is and improve their product. Retailers also benefit from the “Buy Now” button on the site when a PINCHme member likes the sample.  Register here!

Fusion Cash

Fusion Cash is a popular rewards site that lets you earn cash as well as free products for taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, shopping, completing short tasks online, referring your friends and doing much more. Click here to sign up.


Bzz Agent 

Companies like Bzz Agent rely on product testers to give their opinion on newly developed products before releasing them into the market. To get started, sign up and answer a few surveys so Bzz Agent can get know you better. Then wait for an invite to try new products.  Sign up here!

Smily 360

Smiley360 Smiley360 is a site where you can register for free to try free products from popular brands. Once you register on the site, you can qualify to receive free products that match your lifestyle and interests based on your profile. All you need to do is to let the manufacturers know what you think of their products. The manufacturers are interested in getting your feedback to improve their products.

Sign up link –



When you become a CrowdTap, you can get the chance to try product samples or party kits from lots of major companies like Hershey's, Hidden Valley, Kellogg's, Neutrogena, and much more! All you need to do is to just answer a few questions from brands about the products you like. You can join the site through Facebook. Users can also join a “brand crowd” where they can earn points and have the chance to win gift cards stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc. every month. Sign up now!


You can earn points for completing offers, taking surveys, referring friends and downloading mobile apps. Points can be redeemed for free physical products as well as gift cards and cash payments via PayPal, Dwolla, Direct Deposit or Check (starting at $5).

You can earn points for completing offers, taking surveys, referring friends and downloading mobile apps. Points can be redeemed for free physical products as well as gift cards and cash payments via PayPal, Dwolla, Direct Deposit or Check (starting at $5). Go here to get started!


Get paid to complete offers, take surveys, watch videos, complete tasks, and listen to the radio. Redeem points for gift cards and physical products. Amazon Gift Cards and PayPal payments start at $5.

Get started here –


Swagbucks is probably the most popular rewards site that pays not only FREE gifts but also cash rewards to users for performing a variety of tasks online. It is one of my favorite rewards sites too. You can receive free products by taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, etc. As you complete various tasks, you will earn what they call SwagBucks (SB) for each completed task. Then you can exchange your Swagbucks for gift cards to lots of stores like Amazon, Walmart and much more! Sign up now!

Looking for more? WAHAdventures shared a humungous list of 45 websites that allow you to get free products online.

Final Words

All of the rewards sites listed on this post are legitimate to the best of my knowledge. There are many sites like these, but these are the top rewards sites that pay free products to their users. If you use these sites frequently you can be able to get FREE products or earn cash as some of them also offer cash rewards.

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Do you use any of the above or other rewards sites to get free products? Let us know in the comments below!


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