Get Paid To Teach English Online: 10 ESL Tutoring Jobs

Did you know you could get paid to teach English online? If you are a person who loves helping others, an ESL tutor can be the perfect home-based job!In today's society, technology has made many things in life much easier. The ability to learn another language online without the need of someone physically teaching you is necessary during these times. People around the globe can learn English as their second language without leaving their couch.

Many professionals find this need necessary and teaching English online has grown into another possible work from home opportunity. These companies hire remote workers to teach English either online or via telephone.

Get Paid To Teach English Online


This US company allows workers to teach English by video chat. They pay around $0.17 per talk minute weekly via Paypal. Beginners are welcome to apply.

Go here to apply or read my full Cambly review here.


Tutors can get paid to teach English from their Apple mobile device. No experience required.


This is a free mobile app where you can teach English to students. They claim to pay $10 per hour, however, if you only work 30 minutes you will still get paid $5. No experience needed.

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VIPKid  is always looking for people to teach the English Language online to Chinese students in the US. The pay ranges from $14 -$22 per hour. A degree in the educational field is required. Flexible Schedules.

Go here to apply or learn more about VIPKid.


This is another company similar to VIPKid. They are always looking for Online Tutors to teach English to Chinese students. The company pay $16 – $20 per hour. Flexible schedules.

Golden Voice English

hires ESL Tutors to work from home on their own schedule in the US. No experience needed!

Go here to apply or read my full Golden Voice English review here.


hires tutors to assist students with classwork in various subjects in the US. This company pays $20 an hour and pays every week. You are required to have a computer with webcam and reliable internet.

Go here to apply or read my full Brainfuse review.


Berlitz, a large company with more than 550 locations in 70 countries, offers a variety of individual language classes and children programs. The pay is around $13 an hour for the ESL tutoring position. You must be a native English or French speaker. Most positions require a 4-year college degree and experience in the language you will teach. Teaching experience is not required but is preferred.


This company was founded in 2000 in Korea and currently offers both live phone and video classes. A teaching certification and a 4-year degree are required for most video programs, however, a teaching certificate is not needed for their phone English programs. Typically for the live video class, the students are young learners from kindergarten through high school. The typical students for live phone classes are adults. No teaching certificate is required to be an instructor for the phone classes.

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GoFluent is a company that also hires people for home based ESL tutoring. This company is limited to hiring in certain areas. You must work a minimum of 5 hours per day, Monday through Saturday. They are now seeking tutors who speak fluently in Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, or Portuguese, and also have excellent English.


iSpeakuSpeak is a company that offers English as a Secondary language to everyone worldwide. Typical students are adults who need to learn English for their careers. Trainers work from home teaching classes by phone and are provided with all materials that are needed. As far as scheduling, you may work up to 30 hours a week and choose the hours you prefer to work. Applicants must be native English speakers, understand the concept of IT technology, have an educational experience, and possibly some business experience.

Language Development System

Language Development Systems, started in 2005, is a way to teach English to international students online. All applicants must have a 4-year teaching degree or English degree preferred. Typical students are college students or professionals.

Looking For More Companies That Hire ESL Tutors?

If so, I recommend checking out FlexJobs. This is a membership site with tons of hand-screened job leads from reputable companies. You can go here to see which ESL tutoring jobs FlexJobs has up right now.

If you are a person who loves teaching and helping others, the option of working from home as an ESL tutor can be the perfect home-based job for you.

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    This Post Has 7 Comments

    1. Asoneth

      Hi Shay. I have an MBA in Finance and a Diploma in Licensed practical Nursing. What work from home jobs can you recommend?

    2. sherylc

      Greetings, My degrees are licensed practical nurse, BA of Management, and Masters of Art (and Teaching with Technology), I am wanting to find reputable online teaching or tutoring employment without a teaching certificate. Could you give me some insights? Thank you for your time.

    3. sarahfinn

      hi!! my husband has associates in accounting, a bach. in business and a masters degree in business and he has an amazing away from home job… but he is also VERY interested in working from home on his spare time. Is there any jobs that will pay him properly for the education he has???? thank you so much in advance

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Sarah! Thanks for writing in! There are several jobs that will pay him well. Does he have experience in the medical field, teaching, or web development? Those are a few careers that will pay quite well and provide employee benefits….. looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

        1. sarahfinn

          He doesnt have much experience from the medical field but is a fast learner… can u suggest any site that would pay him for his degrees and business experience? We have benefits through his day job that r great. Hes iust looking for something in his spare time? He is looking for pay around $25-35 an hr. He is also currently working on his doctorate degree.

          1. Lashay H.

            Ok Awesome! I will do some research for you and see what I can find. As of right now, I would recommend American Express if he don’t mind being on the phones. The starting pay is around $16 per hour plus incentives and bonuses. They really prefer individuals with degrees, so he may have a good chance getting on with them.

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