Best 7 Sites That Pay You To Work from Home as a Mock Juror

Becoming an online juror is yet another work at home position that is quickly gaining popularity with US-based telecommuters. The idea behind a mock jury is actually nothing new. It is a method that lawyers and other legal experts have used to brush up on their cases.

What is a Mock Jury?

Traditionally, lawyers or companies hire people to make up the jury of a mock trial. The jury would, of course, make up the same demographic as would be expected in a real trial. The lawyers then take the jury through all the court processes including presenting arguments, evidence and so on.

The jury members then answer specific questions as well as give their verdict. The aim of all this is for the lawyers and other legal experts to see their weaknesses and get a good idea of what to expect in a real-world trial. The jury, as expected, is paid a fee for its services.

Thanks to the internet, a mock juror is now a virtual paying job. Compensation ranges from one company to another which will be explored here. Below are the seven best online mock jury websites that pay.

7 Mock Jury Websites That Pay 

There are actually a number of mock jury websites but the 7 featured here stand out as the most legitimate and offer fair compensation all things considered. Note that these websites are not listed in any particular order.

#1: is associated with the Wellington Institute Network and is a credible website. It offers two programs;

Mock jurors simply listen to brief legal cases set up by attorneys and later fill out questionnaires and give personal opinions on the case. The program lasts for one day and payment made soon after. The entire process is also fairly simple. You fill out an application on their official website to get started.


eJury is the brainchild of Christopher L. Bagby who is a trial attorney so it’s credibility can be authenticated. The way it works is an attorney or other legal expert’s posts case details for the reason of getting feedback. The site matches the case with 50 local mock jurors who then review the details and give their opinion. Feedback may be given in form of a verdict or in as answers to pre-set questions or both.

Interested people simply sign up at by filling out relevant information. An email verifying your successful application is then sent. Once the case in the area you are registered in comes in, you receive a notification on email which you can accept or decline. Some of the requirements include;

  • 18 years or over
  • United States Citizen
  • Able to read and write
  • Of good moral character and sound mind
  • No indictment, felony or misdemeanor charge

Pay varies between $5 and $10. Sign up here!

For non-US residents, here are 25 companies that offer nationwide work at home jobs.


The OnlineVerdict procedure is standard for online mock juries. Attorneys post their case details and the website matches the attorneys with local mock jurors. This website uses a panel of 25 or 50 jurors depending on the case details.

Jurors offer their feedback including their opinion of the case and overall attitude. OlineVerdict is endorsed by Clark Howard of the Clark Howard Show so its legitimacy is not in question.

Simply sign up to the website and wait for an email matching you to a case in your local area when one becomes available. The only known requirement is you must be a citizen of the United States and 18 years or older.

Payment varies between $20 and $60. How much time you spend on a case as well as other expectations is all explained in the email invitation.

Participants can use this link to apply online.


JuryTest works the same way as the other website described above. You are required to listen to or read case details and offer your feedback. Feedback is given in a number of ways depending on the case including through;

Pay generally varies between $20 and $50. The entire process (evaluating a case) rarely takes more than an hour although the details are specified in the invitation email. As always, simply sign up on the website and you will be notified once you are eligible to take part in a mock jury. People living in larger cities have a better chance at getting a case. There isn’t much in the way of requirements except that you must be a citizen of the United States.

Use this link to get started with Jury Test.


TrialJuries was founded by Lee Glickenhaus and Bobby Tritt both of whom are practicing lawyers so its legitimacy is confirmed. Members sign up on the website and fill out a profile. An invitation email is sent to your inbox if there is a case matching your profile. Compensation is in the $30 range although this figure may depend on the complexity of the case. The only two requirements are you must be 18 years or older and a United States citizen. Payment is made through PayPal. One advantage of this site that’s worth mentioning is there is no minim amount required to withdraw your earnings.

#6: Virtual Jury

Virtual Jury is an online focus group. Members can get started sign up by visiting the Virtual Jury official website and get randomly selected to participate in a jury panel. The main task of mock jurors it to share your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and decisions about political issues and interesting legal cases. 

#7: is run by a marketing research company bearing the same name and is a legitimate online mock jury opportunity. What stands out about this site is it’s not just a jury site as there are surveys available in virtually all industries. Pay ranges wildly from $5 to $400 depending on the work you do and who hires you. also has a referral program that pays a nominal fee every time you get someone to fill in a survey for the company. It is worth noting that there is no minimum required to withdraw your earnings.

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Final Words

These are the major reputable online mock jury jobs available. Note that none of these websites require a sign-up fee or monthly membership. You shouldn’t have to pay for this kind of work so that’s an easy way to tell a scam. Signing up also doesn’t guarantee you will be picked for a case. It’s really a numbers game but people who live in large cities or metropolitan areas generally see better results. Signing up to multiple sites also increases your chances of getting picked for a case.

You probably won’t replace your day job doing online jury duty but it is worth it for making a little money on the side for just a few hours (often less) of your time.

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