Become an Online Juror and Make Money From Your Couch

Instead of sitting on your couch watching famous courtroom TV shows like Judge Judy and Judge Mathis, consider getting paid to decide verdicts as an online juror.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

The advantage of engaging in an online jury duty is that you can effectively make extra money from home. As a result, it can be easy for you to supervise your kids’ school work while earning an extra dollar effectively.

All you are required to do is to register with a reputable mock jury website and wait for feedback. If you are successful, you will certainly receive some files to work on within the stipulated time period.

While there are many doubters out there, online jury duty jobs are real. They are operated by real human beings commonly referred to as online mock jurors and the money is real. Don’t let anyone fool you that all online juror jobs are scams because there are really good ones where people are earning real money.

Well, there will always be scams but you can manage to dodge the bullet when you know where to start. Most of these online mock juror sites are meant to help you polish your skills while enhancing your lifestyle through your paid trial earnings.

Instead of watching famous courtroom TV shows like Judge Judy and Judge Mathis? Consider making extra cash to decide verdicts as an online juror. How Does It Work?

Online mock jury works just like the actual courts. The difference is that in this setup, lawyers are required to present their cases to the jury online. The case proceedings are then carried out by online freelancers who are of course paid for their services handsomely. The mock jury normally gives a verdict after an online hearing is effectively carried out. The involved lawyers will then use the honest feedback given by the online mock jury to base their arguments.

The beauty of becoming an online juror is that the job does not require specific experiences or skills. This makes it easy for anyone who wants to earn extra money online to achieve their goals effectively. While you may not get paid for your online jury duty work every day, it is worth giving it a try.

Best 6 Online Juror Sites

Here are reputable online jury sites to get you started;

1. eJury

This is one of the best online mock jury sites in the world.eJury gives online jury duty opportunities to jurors from all over the United States without discrimination. They have been operational for many years which make them credible. You can easily earn between $5-$10.The amount you earn is purely dependent on how long your case is.They are known to pay on time as per your agreements with them.eJury normally makes their payment via PayPal. It is easy to track how much you have earned since your total earnings will be shown at the top of every case you handle. Well, the cases may be limited depending on how big your city is but it will definitely help you settle some of your bills smoothly.


2. Resolution Research

Resolution Research is yet another good place to start your online jury duty career. They always recruit online jurors to handle a wide variety of mock trials including financial, social and educational based cases. They have a reputation for screening their potential online jurors extensively before accepting them or assigning them any mock-trials but they are undoubtedly among the best online juror sites in the country.

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3. Online Verdict

You can earn from $20-$60 by joining Online Verdict. All they require from you is to be an American citizen, over 18 years and ability to sign up to their site. There are no other restrictions to participate in their online mock trials. If you are lucky to get a complicated case and manage to handle it effectively you can easily earn a cool $60 from the comfort of your living room. Their checks are mailed on a monthly basis.

4. Sign up Direct

Do you want to earn from $100-$150 per online mock trial session? Well, Sign up Direct is your ideal online juror site. Their requirements are simple. You have to be a U.S citizen, 18 years old and can sign up without complications. Each of their online mock trial sessions takes between 8-10 hours during the weekends and 5-7hours on weekdays.

5. Virtual Jury

Once you have successfully registered with Virtual Jury you will definitely have an important part to play. They will give you their instructions and indicate how much you should expect to earn from your role and leave the rest to you. This online juror site is not only confidential but user-friendly. You can surely earn a decent amount of money by working for Virtual Jury depending on the number of cases you manage to handle. Their checks are mailed every two weeks.

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6. Jurytest.Net

How about making from $5-$50 per case? Well, Jurytest.Net will make it worthwhile for you especially if you get complicated cases and tackle them effectively within the given deadline. You will either get paid for your online jury duty services via PayPal or written check depending on your agreement with them. How much you make with them is dependent on the number of cases you get involved in tackling as an online juror.


Don’t just sit down the whole day doing nothing. Sign-up with any of the above online juror sites and start earning real money from home.

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      Thank you, LaShay!! I have been trying to find reputable work from home jobs for a few months. Apparently, I my seach criteria was weak. I am amazed at all of the resources that you have provided. I have been on this site for the last 3 hours just looking at all of the opportunities on the web. Thank you so much!!

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