Identifying 11 Popular Work from Home Scams

Identifying 11 Popular Work from Home Job ScamsThere are several work at home opportunities that are flaunted around the web as real.  However, some of them are outright cons while some of the others may not be direct cons but will pay very little for your effort and time.

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Identifying 11 Popular Work from Home Scams

Here are some scams for you to think about:

1. Envelope Stuffing

This is one of the oldest work at home scams.  Any serious company will have a postage machine do the stuffing of envelopes, sorting, and metering. However, there are still scams that offer you the job of stuffing envelopes for minimum pay around 3 or 4 dollars.

2. Home Assembly

A human being assembling something cannot work as fast or as cost-effectively as a machine. The company will keep telling you that your standards are not up to par and will hardly pay. These will usually ask you to send in money to purchase a starter kit so that you can begin assembling kits of some kind.  There is no money to be made assembling any kind of kit but money will surely be wasted purchasing the kit.

3. Mystery Shopping

This scam also involves you paying a sum to be put on their list so that you can become a mystery shopper.  The only challenge is that no such list exists. To learn more about legitimate mystery shopping companies and how to avoid scams, go here.

4. Rebates

This is where you actually pay money upfront to get a program that you will then use to process the rebates from the comfort of your home.  The amount you fork up is between $150 and $200.  You may get initial information to get you hooked and may even get the equipment but there will be no reimbursement in the future.

5. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

These usually involve people being recruited over and over again in order to sell a product.  Truth is that if you have that many people doing the same thing and recruiting more people, many of them are likely not getting rich.  MLM is usually not employment with a salary attached, it is a business that offers you no guarantees.

6. Online Surveys

These can be very frustrating because you are required to fill out lots of surveys before you ever make any money.  You are also expected to give out your contact details which often are sold to third party marketing companies. To learn more about how to find legitimate survey companies, go here.

7. Google

These are job ads that were supposed to allow you to work from home.  Google would charge a small fee of $2 to help them find applicants who were serious and instead ended up taking a monthly charge sometimes of as much as $80.

8. Pyramid Schemes

Most of the time a pyramid scheme does not have any product to sell.  They focus more on recruiting more people to join the pyramid and it ends up collapsing and everyone loses their initial investment. If it involves you wiring some money or you cashing a check be wary of it.  The company sends you a check and then asks that you send them back a portion of it claiming some excuse.  You send the money only to find that the check bounced and you are at a loss.

9. Medical billing

Here you fork out money for technical support, training and software to start this medical billing business.  The company promises to find you the clients you need and then nothing.  You never get the business to take off.

10. Business software and Opportunity Directories

If you find that the directory or the business software is only being sold to you via mail or via websites then you should be wary of the same.  Always check to make sure there is a physical contact and a working phone number for the address you are given.

11. Post Ads Online

Another popular scam will invite you to make money by posting ads on forums and boards online.  You won’t get paid for posting though.  You only get paid when people see the ad and sign up.

Final Thoughts

Options to work from home that are a mere rip-off are in plenty.  They will offer to find you the work you need for a certain amount upfront.  This is how they will make quick money from you.  It is important that you read through the listings with utmost care before you decide to get involved.

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  1. Edwina

    I’m a new victim from a work from home job I recently got a job offer from career builder is that even possible being that career builder is a very highly paid accredited company that helps job seekers and employers seek employees

    1. Lashay H.

      Hmmm. That’strange! Never head of Career builder hiring for work at home. You really have to be careful on all major online job sites including and Indeed. Sometimes onlime scams are on those as well.

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