How to Earn Extra Money By Selling Your Skills Through Microgigs

How to Earn Extra Money By Selling Your SKills Through MicrogigsMicrogigs are a great way for people who want to work from home to earn some extra money fast. Microgigs are relatively small and quick services or tasks that freelancers complete online. Typically, they advertise their online tasks with a microgig website. Thousands of people earn a living by selling their services to companies and individuals from around the world through microgigs, also known as microtasks or micro jobs. You can make extra cash or a full-time income by providing a wide variety of services through microgigs, depending on the time you put in, and the skill set you have.

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Why Are Microgigs Popular?

Many website owners, businesses online, and Internet marketers need various different services done on a regular basis. Many people want to find someone who can do a job quickly on a microgig site. So, it is a great time to be someone who can provide a service or more to help run their businesses smoothly.

People who want to get a job done quickly can find someone that can do the job on a reputable micro job site. Freelancers do not have to pitch potential clients or bid on jobs to get hired on these sites. They can be more efficient at the microgig sites because they can sell their services by completing small tasks quickly for the clients. If you can offer a service that is in demand, then you can sell your services faster on a microgig site rather than on a freelancing or writing job site. The clients can also save both time and money by finding the right freelancers like you to get those small and specialized jobs done.


Often people need help to get small tasks done quickly, and they find it convenient, quicker, and more affordable to hire freelancers who sell services on different microgig sites. For example, a small business may need someone to write a few short blog posts or create a business logo. They can find the right person with the relevant specialized skill set to do the job quickly on a micro job site.

What Kinds of Services to Sell through Microgigs?

Businesses and people need help with a lot of small tasks/jobs or services that they cannot do or provide themselves. This is where you come in as a microgig service provider. Whatever service you may have to offer, there most likely are buyers who need your service, and they will pay you to provide them with the service they want.  By setting up relevant micro-gigs associated with the services you want to offer on a popular microgig website or more, you can get individuals or businesses to look at your microgigs.

If you are a computer programmer, you can create a microgig to offer service related to computer language programming. If you are good at languages, you can offer translation service. If you are you good at posting content on social media sites, and engage the audience, then why not offer social media services by creating a relevant microgig?

Can you create professional logos, craft compelling words, design websites, do clerical or virtual assistant jobs via the internet for busy individuals or small companies? There are companies and individuals who need all these services. The key is to indentifying the jobs or services you are really good at doing or providing to others. Some clients need help with writing product descriptions, headlines, and letters/emails, resumes, and cover letters.

If you can design logos and banners, then there are people who need your service. Some businesses and individuals need outside help to create video advertisements on behalf of them, and you could be someone they need to provide this service. If you can help people get more Facebook or Twitter followers then you can create a relevant gig and sell your social media service. The opportunities are endless.

How Does a Microgig Website Work?

Generally, most microgig websites use the same model, which is service providers list their microgigs that describe what they can or want to offer for a particular amount of money. Microgig websites connect the service providers with the clients. Typically, each micro job is offered at a fixed price, but clients can get more work done by ordering a gig multiple times. For example, you can create a microgig that offers to create a business logo for $5, but if the client needs more than one logo then the client can order multiple gigs. You will earn $15 if the client orders the gig 3 times. A client does not have to order separate gigs if they have more gigs to order.

On some of these websites, each job is listed at the same price, for example, all gigs listed on Fiverr are $5. Clients can order multiple gigs, depending on their needs. Other websites have microgigs listed at prices anywhere from $1 to $100. Some have several pricing options. Microgig websites make outsourced jobs and services done quickly.

So, a microgig website is an online platform in which sellers perform small tasks or sell their services and buyers get their small tasks done or services provided by the sellers. The microgig website keeps a small percentage of the money earned by the sellers as a service fee.

How Do You Get Paid?

Once you have provided a client with your service and the client is happy with the service, you will get paid for your work. Generally, the client releases the fund once the client approves your work, and then the microgig site you and your client have used to sell and buy microgigs, will deposit the money in your account instantly or within a specified amount of time. However, you may have to wait a certain period of time before you could withdraw your earnings. For example, on Fiverr, it takes as long as 14 days before you can withdraw your earnings from your financial account with Fiverr. Most micro job sites send payment through PayPal, but some sites also pay via Payza (formerly AlterPay) and other methods.  You can withdraw funds through Payoneer’s prepaid MasterCard debit card if you are selling via Fiverr.

Top Microgig Websites

There are many microgig websites, but the following are the most popular you can sign up with to offer small services for money:

How to Sell More Services To Make More Money?

Many people earn an income by selling their services though different microgig websites. Individuals and businesses from around the world need help with creative as well as off the wall stuff. There are tens of thousands of freelancers offering their services through hundreds of these micro job websites. The competition is fierce among the sellers. So, if you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to set up well-written microgigs using proper grammar and spellings, keyword-rich words. Tell clearly what you have to offer, and why individuals or businesses should use your services. Join some of the most popular microgig websites and list your services on these sites so that people that might need your services can find your gigs. Promote your services on your own blog or website, your social media profiles, and other online channels.

Final Words on Earning Money Through Microgigs

If you have something to sell, offer that on a popular microgig website or more. When someone orders a gig you have created, you have to get it done to get paid. Come up with things you could offer and get paid to get them done for the clients. If you need to earn some extra cash fast or want to earn a regular income you can sell your services through microgigs. A lot of freelancers earn a living by listing their services on micro job sites like Fiverr. You can earn some extra cash easily if you have at least a marketable skill and can use it to offer relevant services to companies and individuals.

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