How to Create Your Own Virtual Assistant Job from Home

Are you a stay at home mom or dad, or perhaps a freelancer looking to create your personal virtual assistant job at home? Then, you're at the right place.

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Hot careers that are in high demands nowadays are the virtual assistant jobs. However, a lot of questions have been asked on how to become a virtual assistant at home.

Determine Your Skills

In creating your own virtual assistant job at home, there are many steps involved. First you have to determine your skills. This means that you have to check your administrative background and then determine your strong points. After selecting the skills most suitable with you, you can create your business around those interests.

Since you have now made a decision on the type of work you intend to concentrate on, all you have to do is take a look at the equipment needed to perform your work. Find out if there is any software needed, if there are any necessary upgrades which you need to invest in to get started.

Desired Equipment Needed:

  • Computer
  • High-Speed Internet
  • Printer
  • Business Cards
  • Invoicing Software
  • VA Planner
  • Smartphone/Tablet


Types of VA Services You Can Offer

There are several potential virtual assistant services you can provide, however be sure to have some experience in at least one of these areas:

Market Yourself

After that you have to make a decision on whom to work with. You must ensure that the people you choose to work with are people that actually need your skills. There may have been some people that you've worked with in the past that will love to work with again. Narrowing down your target market will definitely enable you to market yourself more effectively and also at a reduced cost.

Questions about “how to market yourself” should pop up next. Be sure to find out how your target market communicates with each other. This will help you to determine where your potential clients are concentrated. Ensure you keep your ears wide open so that you would know if there are networking functions where you can make an appearance and perhaps introduce your services to them. You should also check if there are forums where you can render your services/ expertise. Email and fax blasts have proved ineffective in most cases and they can actually destroy your budding professional reputation.

Use Freelance Sites and Resources

A few popular freelance sites that actually hire Virtual Assistants to complete small jobs are Upwork, Guru, and Task RabbitRead Review. Another great resource site that will offer step by step guidance in becoming a successful VA is Virtual Assistant Jobs. In addition, check out the following resources below:

Sites Offering Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Virtual Assistant Resources

Since you now know what, where and how to build your business, then you should be on your way to creating your virtual assistant job at home, setting it up legally, and start making cool cash today.

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