Accolade Support Review: Call Center Work from Home

Accolade Support is a rapidly growing call center, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They hire remote agents to handle inbound and outbound calls from home. The work is similar to another call center, ConvergysRead more– which involves taking customer complaints, assisting with technical support issues, and selling additional services.

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Working for Accolade Support

Typically agents work from their homes, taking and placing calls for Accolade Support clients. To be a successful agent, you’ll need to have a some significant qualities and skills:[adsense468x15]

1.) Technical Support Skills – You should enjoy working with people over the phone, and have outstanding IT and technical support skills.

2.) Sales skills – Must have the ability to sell various products and services to variety of clients and inbound callers.

3.) Customer Service Skills – Strong computer and customer service skills will go a long way, especially when working with frustrated customers.

4.) Attention to Detail – Accuracy in relating information to clients including phone numbers, product numbers, and other details about the call.

More About The Company

The Pay
The starting pay for Accolade Support is between $7.25 to $9.00 per hour. You are paid weekly through direct deposit.

Accolade Support allows you to be flexible with your hours, but keep in mind once you commit to a desired schedule for that week, you must be in place to take calls.

General Requirements
To work for Accolade, you must have an updated computer with high speed internet ( No wireless connection). You will also need a land-line telephone with a headset. They desire people with good customer service skills, so it’s important to highlight this on your resume.

Application Process
Accolade Support accepts applications from US residents only. In order to be considered, you’ll also have to pass a criminal background check. Please note that, as an Accolade Support agent, you may need to provide personal information, so the company can know who they can trust you.

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