Earn Up To $18 an Hour as a Virtual Assistant Belay Solutions

Earn Up To $18/Hr as a Work from Home Virtual Assistant at Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions hires Virtual Assistants to assist clients online with scheduling, freelance duties, appointment booking, etc. You can earn up to $18 per hour from the comfort of your home.

Lately, there has been tons of work available for freelancers who desire to work as home-based virtual assistant. This type of work consists of you completing a variety of duties such as booking appointments, scheduling meetings, sorting files, and so forth.

Many corporate individuals need someone to handle these duties since their time is filled with many aspects of the business life. This is where Belay Solutions fills the gap, and connects fast paced businesses with talented Virtual Assistants.

About Belay

Belay Solutions, formerly known as EA HELP, has been in business since 2010. This company works with businesses and freelancers based everywhere in the US.

How Much Does Belay Solutions Pay?

Belay offers competitive pay to all freelancers. According to Glassdoor, the pay is reported to be around $14-$18 per hour.

You will definitely earn close to other VA companies like Vicky Virtual and Time Etc.

Do you work as an employee or independent contractor?

When you were hired as an independent contractor, taxes aren’t taken out of your pay. Typically, you would fill out a 1099 form at the end of the year showing what you have earned with the company. This will need to be filed with your taxes.

What are the Qualifications to be considered for Belay Solutions?

  • Must be considered as a tech savvy individual.
  • Bachelor's degree preferred with 5 years’ experience as an Executive Assistant or similar role.
  • Ability to work along with managers and virtual team members.

If you feel that you do not qualify for the position, see this list of beginner work at home jobs.

How many hours can I work? 

We have contractors who work as little as 10 hours per week (the minimum) while others choose to work 40+ hours per week.

How to Apply?

To get started with Belay, visit them online and apply to be a virtual assistant. Once your application and resume is approved, you will be entered into a computer database for review. If a client is interested, you will be contacted for the next step.

Best wishes to everyone who apply!

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