How to Make Money as a Mystery Shopper

Being paid to shop sounds like an awesome job, but for mystery shoppers it’s just another day at the office!

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It isn’t an easy alternative to a traditional full-time job, however mystery shopping is a way to earn extra money. It is a recommended choice for college students, stay at home moms or individuals who need flexibility in their schedules.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shoppers are hired by retailers, diners and other companies that have a reputation for top-level customer service. The job is pretty simple: You would visit the business or make a transaction with the company and share your feedback about the experience.

Mystery shoppers are given detailed instructions by the company they represent. Next you are instructed to pay attention to certain actions that are part of customer experience.

After completing the assignment, you will complete a report that is designed to help the company make improvements. Payments will depend on the company, but usually mystery shoppers are paid by check or PayPal.

How to Avoid Mystery Shopping Scams?

Please be aware of the numerous amount of mystery shopping scams that are designed to trick applicants into sharing private information or even sending money as part of the application process. Here are some more helpful tips you must know to avoid mystery shopping scams:

  • Only respond to restaurants or retailers that are searching for mystery shoppers.
  • Don’t respond to companies that are trying to recruit mystery shoppers by email or through classified advertisements.
  • Do not send money. No legitimate company will ask you to pay to become a mystery shopper.
  • Never accept a mystery shopping assignment that requires you to wire money through services like Western Union or MoneyGram.

Where to Find Legitimate Mystery Shopping jobs?

The best way to look for a mystery shopping assignment is to search all available opportunities through established companies. I have gathered a list of legitimate mystery shopping jobs below:

Final Thoughts

Becoming a mystery shopper is a excellent way to generate extra income if you enjoy visiting new places and are good at following directions.

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