Hollywood Transcriptions Hiring Transcribers To Work from Home

Hollywood Transcriptions is a company that has been around for many years and has gained a great reputation for being a recommended place for freelancers to earn extra income online. This company is definitely legitimate and does a fantastic job handling their workers. They have been known for treating their contractors with the utmost respect, which is rare with some companies.

The Ideal Applicant for Hollywood Transcriptions

It’s important to know that Hollywood Transcriptions have some very strict rules about the type of contractors they’re willing to work with. They will not compromise or bend their standards. Here is a list of qualifications you must have for this company:

  • Have basic computer knowledge and experience
  • Type a minimum of 65 wpm with no errors
  • An updated computer
  • Have reliable Internet connection
  • Own a digital foot pedal
  • You must have your own transcription software ( You can purchase the Express Scribe Software Pro Transcription Software (CD-ROM)  available on Amazon.
  • You must perfectly understand the English grammar
  • Provide transcription work that is free of typos and spelling errors
  • A valid email account is required

Are you a Beginner? Don’t Worry, You’re Not Out of Luck!

The great news is that Hollywood Transcriptions is willing to work with beginners as long as you meet the company's basic requirements. I would personally recommend this company if you're at the start of your work at home career.

How To Apply

Getting started with Hollywood Transcriptions is really simple. When you visit their careers page, there is a questionnaire you will fill out. If they like your responses, they will contact you for the next stage of the application process.

Apply here – http://www.hollywoodtranscriptions.com/jobs

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