Uber Review: Work from Home Email Support Job

Uber Review: Online Email Support Jobs from Home

Would you love to work from home assisting customers by answering emails? Uber is a very interesting company.

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At first glance, it doesn’t seem like Uber.com would have much work available for those who wants to work out of a home office. This is a ride-sharing company that provides chauffeuring services, so to the normal eye it may not seem that they offer these type of jobs. First impressions aren’t always accurate and the truth is that not only will Uber enjoy working with you, but they have some interesting work at home opportunities available.

The Type of Work 

All of the work at home opportunities that Uber offer, involves high-quality customer service by email or chat support. You’ll be communicating directly with the clients and in many cases handling some complaints.

The Schedule

When you decide to do email support work with Uber, you’ll be required to work a set schedule. Uber requires employees to work 40 hours a week.

The Pay

Uber requires all workers to sign a nondisclosure agreement so I was unable to find an exact pay rate. However, after doing some research online, it does appear that pay at least $10 per hour.


From what I've heard, Uber gives the first 100 Reps discounts on Uber services, 401k, insurance, and paid time off. I am not positive about this – it’s just information I've gathered from forums and posts around the web.

Requirements/ Qualifications

  • Good writing skills
  • Passion for helping others and providing high-quality customer service for new users
  • Ability to resolve issues in a timely manner
  • Must be able to handle multiple chat/email requests at once
  • Experience working independently
  • College degree is preferred

Technical Requirements

These requirements are pretty simple – an updated computer with high-speed internet.

Applying to Work for Uber

Uber has set the process up so you can apply quickly and easily online. If they are interested in your application, they’ll contact you to set up an interview. Once selected for a position, you must also complete a 3-day training before starting. If you would like to apply, the position is titled ” Community Support Representative”.

Apply Here: https://www.uber.com/us/en/careers/teams/community-operations/

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