Teleperformance Review: Work from Home Customer Service

Teleperformance is a company that handles customer service for a variety of different companies. They hire people to help them out working remotely from home.

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The Work

As a customer support agent for Teleperformance, your job involves taking inbound calls assisting customers with issues and questions about specific products. Most of their clients seems to be internet, phone, and cable companies.

The Pay

While I was unable to find an exact pay rate for Teleperformance, there were reports from former agents that they were quick about how they paid on time. This company got straight to the point and worked out numbers. The pay equaled out to be the same amount as minimum wage, which is not enough for a family to live off.

You are hired as an employee, so you will get paid for training. More benefits like vacation time, overtime, 401K, and insurance are included as well.


As far as requirements to apply, you must be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED. Teleperformance prefers if you to have at least six months of call center experience. You must also successfully pass a background and drug test.

The Training

Many reviews I read while gathering information about Teleperformance weren’t as positive about the training program. Most reported that the training program only covers the basics, and don't really prepare them for situations they experience once they started working with customers.

Feedback from other Agents at Teleperformance

While I have not personally worked for Teleperformance, I have spoke with a few individuals that have a had some fairly positive experiences. One of the first things these individuals mentioned was that all the people there were wonderful, and Teleperformance did an awesome job of creating a relaxed, work at home environment.

Final Thoughts

Based on the information I was able to gather, I’m comfortable saying that Teleperformance is a legitimate work from home opportunity. The great thing about this company, is they are willing to work with contractors worldwide. Considering how low the pay, this should be only considered as a side income. I do believe this is a great place to start if you are interested in gaining the work experience in customer service, which could make you eligible some of the higher paying companies.

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    1. Juicy

      Teleperformance is not good place to be the job is fine but management is bad and disrespectful. We don’t have coachings at all and the only time management will acknowledge you is if your sitting in the wrong aux. Great benefits but the equipment for the Verizon Fios project is bad and training was horrible. You learn everything on your own once you hit production. There are no team meetings or motivation and it’s almost impossible to move to a different project they try to keep you trapped especially since Verizon is on the strike. Job is nothing but stress and the only reason I stay is because I have 2 kids and a husband and we are trying to get out finances straight and this job came along when he got out the military. The job is easy but management makes it worse and at the rate Verizon Fios is going they will lose so many customers.

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