Lionbridge is Hiring Online Map Quality Analysts To Work from Home

Lionbridge is actively hiring Online Map Quality Analysts. If you are looking for a non phone work from home job,, this #job is perfect for you!There are so many unique work from home job opportunities out there. But if you're looking for something different, Telus International is hiring Online Map Quality Analysts.

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Telus International, formerly known as Lionbridge, is one of America’s top 100 most trusted Companies and they often hire remote workers for this particular position. This is a newer company that specializes in enterprise-scale global crowdsourcing to help clients increase productivity, maximize workforce elasticity and reduce workforce costs.

They hire remote workers all over the world for IT and non-IT positions and provide competitive compensation.

Job Responsibilities for an Online Map Analyst

The US online map quality analyst position is a flexible work-from-home job with part-time hours. It is a freelance, independent contractor job so you won't be a W-2 employee. Also, you can expect to work around 20 hours per week and complete tasks that evaluate online mapping and related information.

The company hires roles per country so if you happen to move out of your company you may not be able to hold your role anymore.

Here's an outline of some of the roles and responsibilities this position entails:

  • Reading and applying written guidelines on how to complete the work
  • Passing an online evaluation to demonstrate their capability
  • Completing online mapping and routing related tasks
  • Research, using online tools to investigate geographic accuracy of queries
  • Ranking or rating information in relation to those tasks



Candidates for this position should have good research skills. Plus, they need a keen interest and understanding of local and national geography. Also, you'll need to:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Have high-speed broadband internet access
  • Knowledge of local and national geographical areas
  • Experience using online maps, route planning, and point of internet research

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Lionbridge states that they offer competitive compensation on their website. In some cases, the pay can be task-based for certain programs. However, it is usually per hour. It was difficult to specify what their rates are because it varies per country and we couldn't find any credible references for compensation lone.

Additionally, employees can set up a direct deposit for convenience.

Lionbridge Company Reviews

Lionbridge is a company most people haven't heard of before and the position is unique, so we figured we'd poke around and see what current and past employees had to say about the company.

According to Glassdoor, there are mixed reviews. But most reviewers had positive things to say about the company regarding it being a great remote opportunity and simple but repetitive work. We're mindful that the company reviews are from different positions and could be from employees in different areas or countries so it's understandable that they are mixed.

How To Apply with Lionbridge

Finally, you can find current remote opportunities with Lionbridge and apply online by clicking here. You can explore more job opportunities at Lionbridge by checking their careers page here.

Direct link to apply:

Good luck!

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