AccuTran Global Review: Become A Work from Home Transcriptionist

AccuTran Global Review: Become A Work from Home TranscriptionistDid you know AccuTran Global hires transcriptionists to work from home? 

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Transcription Jobs are one of the most popular work-from-home opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Today, I will be giving you my honest review of AccuTran Global. I have used them sometime in the past, and so I have first-hand details on the company and whether you should consider working with them or not.

Who is AccuTran Global?

AccuTran Global or AG, as it is popularly called by users of the site, is a British Based Company that prides itself on offering transcription service to people. The company provides transcription services to a wide range of customers, including companies in the Medical, Legal, Corporate, and Financial industries. AccuTran assists with the transcribing of various audio and video files that are used in these Industries. They also work on focus group conversations and also provide transcripts for press conferences.

AccuTran has been providing transcription services since 2002. Due to the number of customers that AG provides its services to, the company hires home-based employees who can provide quality and accurate transcription service on behalf of their clients.

What is the Job Description?

Your job as a transcriptionist on AccuTran Global will depend on the type of client you are working with. However, your general job description will be to transcribe conference calls, panel or group discussions, minutes of recorded business meetings, legal proceedings, witness statements, and a wide range of finance-related audio and video files.

The jobs are assigned to you based on the availability of the situation. This means there is no assurance that you will always get work from the site. However, if you are lucky, the flow of employment will be consistent.

What are the Requirements?

In order to be considered for home-based employment at Accutran Global, you must meet all their stated requirements. You must be able to type up to 75 words per minute. AG takes this requirement very seriously. You should not bother to apply if you cannot type up to 75 WPM. Apart from this, you must have superb listening and communication skills, and you must be able to deliver the jobs in a timely fashion. You must also have a Windows and Microsoft enabled PC, fast and reliable Internet connection, a headset, and a foot pedal in order to make your Transcribing job very easy.

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How much can you earn?

Let me quickly point out that AccuTran Global does not offer you an opportunity to get rich overnight. The pay is not as much. However, when you consider the advantages of working from home, it just might be worth the while. The company pays between $.004 and $.0055 for every word you transcribe. This means you can earn up to $0.4 for every minute you spend transcribing on AccuTran Global. This pay is not permanent though. There is always the opportunity to earn more. Though, this depends on the client and the type of project you are working on.


How do you collect your earnings?

AccuTran Global pays on the 15th day of the next month after you have worked. Payment is always made via Direct Deposit.

Who is Eligible to apply?

AccuTran Global does not hire people from every country in the world. You must be based in either the United States or Canada to be eligible.

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What is the Schedule Like?

In order to work for AccuTran Global as a Transcriptionist, you must be ready to commit at least 3 hours daily. You can either choose between the hours of 4 am to 2 pm, or from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

How can I apply to AccuTran Global?

In order to join AccuTran Global as a transcriptionist, the first thing you will do is to visit their website and download the Word File that contains the application form. In the process of filling the application form, you will be required to visit to complete a Typing Test.

Note that you must be able to type up to 75WPM before your application can be considered. Once you have finished the typing test, cut and paste your result on the application form. You will also be required to take a separate Typing and Punctuation test.

Once you have completed this process, fill the remaining part of the form, and send it to the provided Email address with the right subject. The company will contact you on the status of your application within 6 weeks of applying with them.

Official website –

Final Words

Transcription jobs are one of the best-paying home-based jobs out there. Though AccuTran Global may not pay you as much as you want, working with them is a perfect opportunity to hone your transcribing skills and have time to focus on other activities that a 9-5 job will not permit.

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