Best 5 Remote Companies You Can Build A Work at Home Career With

Looking for a company you can build a career with from home?

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Organizations and companies have been doing this for a long period of time before the remote work culture changed in 2020. 

There are many companies that allow employees to work from home with benefits.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some amazing companies that you can build a career with while working from the comfort of your home (or anywhere for that matter). These companies have been tested and trusted so there is no fear whatsoever attached to working with them.

Best Remote Companies You Can Build A Work at Home Career With

1. Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a popular time-tracking tool created to help business owners track their employees' time. They offer a variety of remote positions in marketing, customer support, content writing, and more. 

The jobs with Hubstaff is not location dependent. It does not matter where you are in the world, Hubstaff is willing to hire you as long as you have what it takes to work with them.

Go here to browse Hubstaff's open jobs or read my full review here.

2. 10up

This is another company that allows you to build a career while working from home. 10up is focused on making a “better web together.” Though the company is mainly involved in hiring website designers and developers, there are many other careers that can be found through this company including engineers and recruiters. 

Go here to browse 10up's open jobs.

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3. InVision (Global)

Invision is the next company you should consider looking into if you want to build a career working from home. 

InVision has been around for over a decade and has offices in 25 countries. Their mobile app is trusted by companies like IBM, Netflix, and 3M for digital product design and development. There is no limit to the type of career you can build with Invision from designers, researchers, and scientists. Check out this highly-rated and trusted company for remote work.

Go here to browse InVision's open jobs.

4. MeetEdgar

Established in 2014, MeetEdgar is company that is popular for hiring virtual staff. Many bloggers and business owners depend on this platform to help them maintain their social presence. So, by choosing to work here, you will join a team of virtual social media management professionals.

Go here to browse MeetEdgar's open jobs.

5. Automattic (Global)

Most of the websites you visit today are accessible thanks to this company that hires remote staff. Automattic, which is the brain behind WordPress, hires virtual staff to join its team of worldwide experts. They are almost always hiring customer service reps which they call “Happiness Engineers.”  Take a look at the job description!

Go here to apply to become a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. 

Final Thoughts

When looking for an ideal work from home company to work for, do your research. Explore and compare all your options. You'll want to consider multiple factors:

  • Your role and the responsibilities you’ll have
  • Compensation rate
  • Schedule
  • Company culture
  • Benefits


Just because you work from home for a company doesn't mean you won't have to adopt a company culture. Some companies may require you to attend virtual meetings regularly or commit to a specific schedule, while others do not.


Luckily, this list of five companies is just a scratch of the surface when it comes to legitimate companies that offer quality work from home jobs. 


Other companies you can choose to build a work at home career with are American Express, Sitel, Apple, among many others.


Have you ever thought about working from home? Which one of these companies interests you most?


Today, I have shared with you some amazing companies that you can build a career with while working from the comfort of your home.


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