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In today's day and age, businesses are taking advantage of the use of freelancers to complete various tasks. According to Forbes, 59 million Americans are freelancers.  To put this in perspective, this is about one-third of the total American workforce.

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Hubstaff Now Hiring! Work from Home Whenever You WantCompanies are realizing it is not necessary to have a local team to get work done.  Instead, the trend is to recruit a “virtual team”.  As a result business owners may have a hard time managing the following:

  • The amount of time an employee spends on a task
  • The quality of a team's work

This is where Hubstaff plays a big role. In this article, you will learn more about the Hubstaff platform and six remote positions for which they are often recruiting.

What is Hubstaff?

Hubstaff is a time tracking tool that a business can install on their computers and use to track the time of their team/employees. No matter the location, a team member can clock in with the click of a button. Hubstaff can track time, take screenshots, and manage activity levels straight from your Hubstaff dashboard. This software also integrates with more than 30 accounting, CRM, invoicing, and project management tools.

 “Our mission is to create a platform that empowers teams to work together in real time with full transparency and that enables those team members to work wherever and whenever they want.”


Six Positions Available at Hubstaff

All Hubstaff employees work remotely.  Lately, they are hiring additional personnel for a variety ofpositions. Keep in mind their current openings change, so use this as a guide and be sure to browse their most current listings here.

Here are the responsibilities of each job:

1. QA and Customer Support

The person for this job should have the necessary technical knowledge to offer desktop support as well as mobile application support to those who have newly signed up.  He or she will need to be a team player to work closely with various teams and their employees making sure that technical difficulties are resolved and new hires are onboarded in the right way. Good communication skills are essential and a great personality too.

This person needs to have a work location that is quiet since this is a remote job and most of the time he or she will be communicating with various clients.  He or she should also be willing to commit to full-time working hours (40 hours a week).

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2. Marketing Generalist

You need to be a doer.  Someone who is on the grind every day implementing the marketing strategy.  People needed for this position should have knowledge of HTML.  You don’t need to be an expert but you are required to have working knowledge of it.  You should also have experience in SEM/SEO.  Work experience in growth hacking, traffic generation, and inbound marketing is essential.  You should also be able to manage Google and Facebook advertising.

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3. Content Marketer/ Writer

This position is open to people who have a clear understanding of content marketing and who also write well. The work entails writing blogs either from scratch or by following a given outline.  Additionally you must…

  • Work closely with the graphic design team to come up with great imagery
  • Work well with WordPress to format posts, edit blogs created by other writers, publish the posts following the given schedule, and also share them on social media.
  • Recycle content into a variety of formats.
  • Keyword research

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4. Growth Marketer

This job will entail two major components:

  • Coming up with tactical or strategic recommendations
  • Implementing the said recommendations

This person should be able to work with the team of six, look at the data provided on the back end and uncover the right strategies for growth and then execute them every day. Currently, the team covers these marketing aspects: copywriting, split tests, customer acquisition, marketing automation, and conversation optimization. To be successful, you should be able to…

  • Work with HTML not necessarily at an expert level
  • Understand analytics deeply and be able to create written content for the internet and email
  • Have a clear understanding of traffic generation, inbound marketing, and growth hacking

5. Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Hubstaff is almost always looking for an engineer conversant with Ruby on Rails to help them scale their service due to the speedy growth they have experienced. This position reports to the CTO and the person will be working closely with the other engineers.

6. Public Relations Representative

The person will need to be an enthusiastic marketer who can come up with PR strategies from scratch and implement them successfully.  To apply, you should be confident when communicating and making presentations. Additionally, the ideal person will have experience and be skillful in being a spokesperson and doing interviews. It is necessary to also be conversant with social media particularly blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

The responsibilities for this position include:

  • Media interaction at some of the big publication outlets, including fielding questions from the media and others, getting placements in podcasts, securing guest blogging opportunities, and finding expert contributors for Hubstaff’s blog
  • Plan PR strategies, develop and implement them, collate media coverage and analyze it
  • Interact with the various influences within the industry
  • Relate well with Software as a Service media outlets


HubStaff is highly flexible and is definitely one of those jobs that let you work whenever you want! This is an excellent perk, whether you prefer to work in the morning or late at night.


HubStaff offers competitive pay based on your skills and qualifications. Each position's pay varies. Please refer to the direct job postings themselves on their website for full details.

How To Apply with Hubstaff

This company has a track record of success and treating its employees well.  I highly encourage you to apply!

>> Go here to browse current open positions at Hubstaff!

You can also check out my video below for step-by-step instructions on how to apply online. This is one of my early videos on YouTube back from 2016!  I now share weekly job leads on my channel.  Join over 150k subscribers and subscribe here!

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