7 Flexible Remote Jobs: Work from Home On Your Own Schedule

If you have been considering flexible remote jobs that give you the freedom to work on your own schedule, try these 7 work from home jobs!

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1. Phone Work

The position involves offering customer support in whatever form necessary.  This could be answering calls, responding to chat messages or emails.  You will ensure that the customer has a positive experience while talking to you.  This means having a smile on your face, empathizing with unhappy customers and building brand loyalty.  You need to be someone who loves helping people and ensuring that their issues are resolved in the shortest time possible. 5 companies known for offering a flexible schedule are Liveops, West at Home, and USA Contact Point.

See these flexible phone jobs here.

2. Data Entry

The flexible remote job job entails processing data and information usually in large amounts.  You would be entering the data into a computer or in a secure file system.  You may also have to do a few other clerical jobs.  It is important that you have a good typing speed since that will be a large part of what you will be doing from day-to-day.  The work can be done on a full-time or part-time basis and the opportunities to telecommute are easily available.

Go here for a list of 10 entry-level typing jobs.

3. Transcription

These usually come in 3 categories, medical transcription, legal transcription and general transcription.  For medical and legal you may need to have some specialized training or some experience.  However, for the general transcription, you can start without any training.  The job will entail listening to an audio file and then typing out word-for-word, what you are hearing.  You only need a computer with high-speed internet in order to get started.

Browse through several transcription jobs where you can work on your own schedule with no prior experience.

4. Micro Jobs and Tasks

These are usually very small tasks for which you get paid.  It is not full-time employment, but really a gig that you get paid to do as an independent contractor.  Some of these jobs can be done online such as microdata entry jobs or others may require that you go out into the real world and carry out a small task such as picking up laundry from the dry cleaners.  It could even be taking a picture of a product in a supermarket using your phone.

This page will have a list of companies that pay workers to complete micro jobs and online tasks whenever you want.

5. Tutoring

This particular job works around your schedule making it quite flexible.  You just need to identify your subject area and then connect with students online who need your tutoring services.  You will meet in an online classroom and once you find out the question they have you can simply help them with it in a secure 1:1 environment.

Browse through a list of companies offering online tutoring jobs.

6. Surveys

This is one of the more popular ways to make money from home.  You simply share your opinion or thoughts on a particular product or brand and get an incentive in exchange.  You can complete a survey on the internet, via phone or mail.  Your personal data is not revealed but your feedback is put in a database and then analyzed by the clients.

On this page, you will find a list of market research companies that pay you to take online surveys. No fees are involved.

7. Freelancing

A freelancer is someone who actually completes small jobs and tasks online. You can pick and choose the tasks you complete in a timely manner. Many people use freelancers to get small tasks done quickly. This is actually more convenient and affordable for a company or client. Reputable sites like Upwork and Guru are always looking for freelancers.

Here is why you should consider becoming a freelancer. 

If you have been considering work from home positions that give you the freedom to work whenever you want, then the following jobs will be worth a look.

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