7 Fast Hiring Remote Jobs: No Resume, No Interview, & No Experience

Welcome back everyone! My name is Shay from Dream Home Based Work.Today I would like to feature some fast hiring remote jobs. 

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There are many people that are looking for fast hiring jobs that are in companies that are hiring right away so I just wanted to make sure I feature different companies that you guys can check out right now. It is even possible to get started today or this week. So definitely keep reading or watching to learn more.

7 Fast Hiring Remote Jobs: No Resume, No Interview, & No Experience

#1 – Arise 

The first company that I would like to feature is Arise. Now if you enjoy working as an independent worker then this could be the perfect opportunity for you. This company works with a lot of major companies like Carnival Cruise, Turbo Tax, QuickBooks, and much more. 

When you get ready to register on the platform you can choose whether you would like to work solo by running a home-based business or you can opt to offer your customer support services to a company that has already established itself on the Arise platform. 

Now you will need the basics such as a reliable computer, noise canceling USB headset, quality high-speed internet, and a keypad or headset phone. You'll see some frequently asked questions on the registration page such as how do I get started, what equipment do I need, what kind of support is available for training. You may be required to get a certification especially if you decide to go solo and run your own home-based business. 

Agents can start earning anywhere between two to five weeks. It just really depends on how fast you can get through the application process. So definitely check out Arise if you're looking for a flexible remote work at home opportunity that allows you to work on your own terms.

#2 – Writers Work

The next company you guys can check out is Writer's Work. This company hires freelance writers all the time. They need people that are going to handle social media posts, blogging posts, and copywriting articles. 

They are looking for people on all different types of levels. Whether you are a pro writer or beginner writer you can apply. No experience is necessary and they will train you. You must be 18 years old with a reliable internet connection.


#3 – Wayfair 

The next company that is always hiring people is Wayfair. Believe it or not, Wayfair has a drop shipping program. They are always looking for customer service reps to work from home. You can be able to work full time earning around $15 per hour plus you will get a quarterly bonus up to $2,200. 

Now Wayfair will issue company-provided hardware for use. That could mean a laptop, headset, or whatever they have available. Now they will offer benefits as well including health, vision, and dental insurance. 

They don't even require much experience. You just must be at least 18 years of age, have a high school diploma, and you must be able to hardwire your computer to your internet modem. So definitely check out this company. They are always looking for people to work from home.


#4 – Voyce Global 

The next company that you guys can check out is Voyce. This company is always looking for freelance translators to work from home. They actually look for interpreters in the medical field that can interpret medical lingo. 

You can become a voice interpreter by just going to their official website and you will just fill out all of your details, your contact information, and you will attach your resume.

#5 – Respondent 

The next company that you guys can check out is a Respondent. This company is always looking for participants to answer basic research studies. Now some of these studies may vary in length. Some of them may be 20 minutes and some of them may be hours.

On their official website you will click to become a participant to earn money. Then you will see the research studies that they have available. Some of the range anywhere from $25 to hundreds of dollars just depending on the length of the survey. Visit Respondent's official website.

#6 – Aira 

The next company you can check out is Aira. Now this company is always looking for independent agents to work from home and help people that are legally blind or have issues just with basic tasks. While these clients may be doing anything from basic internet tasks to walking around the neighborhood, you will have a set of virtual eyes where you would just help guide them with where they need to go with their daily activities. 

This company will allow you to work only in the United States. Even though their website mentions San Diego, you don't need to be based in San Diego, California just as long as you are located anywhere in the U.S. 

According to Indeed.com the base salary average salary for this position is around $15 per hour. 

#7 – Transcribe Me 

The last company that you guys can check out is Transcribe Me. They are always looking for people to transcribe audio files.  

You can earn anywhere from $15 to $22 per audio hour, which means the full length of the hour that it took you to transcribe that audio file. The average earnings are around $250 per month. This is something you should consider as a part-time additional income. 

They don't require a resume and you don't have to do an interview, but you may have to do a little transcription test to get approved to become a transcriber. This is a reliable and trusted website. It's been around for many years and they recruit worldwide so definitely check out Transcribe Me.


Final Thoughts

I really hope you guys found this information helpful. If you want a fast hiring remote job quickly, be sure to apply to any of these fast hire remote jobs right away. Good luck!

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