9 Online Typing Work from Home Jobs to Apply for Today!

One of the easiest remote jobs you can find is an online typing work from home job. There are many legitimate companies hiring and they are looking for you to apply today.

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Here are 9 typing jobs to apply for in 2022. You can do any of these with minimum experience from the comfort of your home. So good luck while applying! 

#1 – Online Chat Agents 

You could be a live chat agent. Lots of company websites have created an easy way for clients to communicate with customer service. With a few clicks, agents are able to answer clients’ questions and inquiries.


This company is always recruiting for work at home Mental Health Chat Agents. 

You will help people deal with stress and anxiety by responding to queries and solve issues via live chat, email, and phone calls.

You must have great communication skills and on average be paid $15 per hour. If you are interested in applying, start here.

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#2 – Data Entry

Data entry is quite a simple typing job that can be done from home. It involves adding data to spreadsheets or a business’s computer system, correcting information, and doing basic research. 

If you already have experience, you can make up to $17 per hour.  

iMPact Business Group

This recruiting company has remote vacancies for entry-level and experienced data entry clerks and other positions. 

You could apply for a Merchandising Data Cleansing Associate where full training will be given.

#3 – Editing

As an Editor, using your language and typing skills you will be hired to review clients’ written work and improve the readability and flow of information. 

Written content includes books, blogs, articles, and scripts. The average editor makes up to $25 per hour. 


This company has openings for freelance editors and offers flexible part-time work.

You must have the appropriate qualifications and at least 2 years experience.

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#4 – Captioning 

Captioning is another remote typing job and a great choice if you enjoy watching videos. 

A captioner’s job is to type subtitles or captions for movies, podcasts, and videos. 

The average worker makes between $10 to $75 per hour depending on the company. 


Rev is one of the most popular captioning companies and regularly hires freelance transcribers and captioners.

As long as you have fast accurate typing, you could earn from $0.54 up $1.10 per audio minute.

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#5 – Copywriter

Do you have an excellent way with words? If yes, you provide the in-demand typing service as a work at home Copywriter

Several companies and websites are hiring copywriters to make content for their websites, blogs, sales pages, and email sequences. 

If you have SEO expertise you could make over $28 per hour and more with experience. 

You can start on freelancing platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and FreeUp.

#6 – Transcription

Companies hire transcriptionists for several reasons. The tasks that are carried out include listening to recordings of interviews and conversations and then converting them to written form. 

Other tasks include simple market research transcription as well as legal and general transcription. 

Pay can vary depending on the company and where you are located. On average if you're a beginner you could earn $400 per month and if very experienced $2000 per month.

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You can apply as a freelancer to Scribie, a reputable transcription company.  You must have the basic equipment of a laptop, headset and reliable internet service.

Payment is made via PayPal.

You can also check out these beginner transcription companies:

#7 – Freelance Writing

If you like the idea of working on your own and setting your own rates, then try freelance writing. 

You will create type-written content like sales pages, blog posts, scripts, and research documents for different businesses and clients. It is one of the highest-paying typing jobs. 

You can use platforms like ProBlogger, Upwork, and Fiverr.  You can even launch your own website and advertise your business on social media. 

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#8 – Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are being hired from all parts of the world and it’s an excellent work-from-home job where you can use your typing skills. 

Daily tasks include creating blog posts, data entry, administrative tasks and can include social media management. As a Virtual Assistant you tend to be multi-skilled so the more you can do the more you can earn.

With a reliable computer and good internet, you could make $19 per hour and a whole lot more depending on your skill level. 


You can apply to Belay for Virtual Assistant jobs. They regularly update their site with the latest remote vacancies so sign up now.

Here are several other Virtual Assistant jobs you can look into:

#9 – Blog Writer

Blog writing is an excellent home-based typing job. Businesses and clients hire writers to research, edit and ghostwrite posts for their blogs and websites. 

There is no limit on what you can make as Blog Writer as it really depends on your expertise. 

Writers make up to $40 per hour when quality and consistent work is provided. 

You will always find online jobs on websites like Problogger, Upwork and Fiverr and also Facebook blogging groups.

Final Thoughts on Online Typing Work from Home Jobs

From the information provided, online typing jobs are not just the traditional typing of letters and reports.

The demand for various typing services is ever-increasing. 

Whether it is typing social media posts, creating email sequences, transcribing podcasts, ghostwriting ebooks, or accurately captioning YouTube videos for clients there is a work at home typing job that you can do.

Share your typing talent and start making money from home.


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