Happy Scribe Review: A Flexible Part-Time Transcription Work from Home Job

Are you a good listener and great at typing? Then you could become a work from home transcriptionist and work for Happy Scribe.

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In this review, I will share with you the details of working part-time with Happy Scribe. 

You will find out who they are, what they offer, and how to join. This in-depth review will also give details about the job, the pay, and how to qualify for a part-time transcription work from home job with Happy Scribe. 

What is Happy Scribe?

Happy Scribe is a fairly new company that hires people to do transcription along with captioning/subtitling.  The company is entirely legit and its website shows the various services they offer to clients all across the globe including an area where they recruit remote transcribers. 

For those of you outside the US there is no need to worry as they recruit from all over the world and provide transcription services in several languages. 

For reassurance that this is truly a legitimate company, you can look at Happy Scribe reviews on Glassdoor. 

Remotely hired transcribers are able to carry out daily tasks from the comfort of their homes. 

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About the Job: Working for Happy Scribe

With Happy Scribe, you are recruited as an independent contractor to provide transcription and captioning services. You will carry out the simple task of listening to and proofreading AI-generated content of videos and audio. This can include podcasts, webinars, online courses, and research videos.

For transcription, you will listen to and transcribe any number of audio files that you can complete. If you intend to do subtitling/captioning then you will need to watch, listen and add text of what was said along with written mood and music cues. You will also need to make sure the speech and text are synchronized.

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How Much Can You Make?

Happy Scribe pays for each minute that is spent transcribing or captioning content.  Although their website lists €0.90 per minute, there is no set pay as certain languages and countries are offered different pay rates. You can take a look at the various language rates that Happy Scribe offers here.

Information found on their website shows that you can on average earn up to €450 per month. There are also top-earning transcribers who make over €2000 per month.

If you live in the US working part-time hours as a work at home transcriptionist you could earn $560 every two weeks. 

The faster and more accurate you are at transcription, the more you'll be able to make but this does depend on available work.

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How and When Does Happy Scribe Pay Transcriptionists?

One of the great things about Happy Scribe is that transcriptionists are paid twice per month. On the 1st and 15th of every month through the payment platform Wise. 

Before applying to work with Happy Scribe, ensure that your country is listed with Wise as it is their only method of payment. Check here to find out if your country is listed or able to be accommodated if you have a US, GBP, EUR currency bank account.

Are you a good listener and great at typing? Then you could become a work from home transcriptionist and work for Happy Scribe.

Can This Be a Full-Time Job?

Happy Scribe is best as a part-time side hustle job as there is no guarantee of consistent transcription jobs. It's a great way to earn extra income if your time is flexible but not as a main source of income. This is the case for many freelancing transcription companies. Happy Scribe, however, is a good side job that can rake in some extra cash over time. 

How to Qualify and Apply with Happy Scribe?

The company hires work from home freelancers all across the globe and is looking for transcribers with the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Polish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Dutch and
  • Portuguese

If the language you are fluent in is not listed, you are still encouraged to apply as they will be adding more languages to the list soon.

It must be noted that before you are able to work for Happy Scribe you will have to take an assessment test. Once you pass you will then start to receive online transcription requests to accept.

Ready to Apply with Happy Scribe? Start Here! 

Final Thoughts about Happy Scribe 

Happy Scribe is quite a good place to work as a part-time transcriber and subtitler. Online reviews are quite positive with a 4.6/5 rating on Glassdoor. 

Although it’s not the best option for a work at home full-time job, you can always sign up with other transcription companies if you need to work more hours.

If you are a first-timer looking to get into transcription and want a legitimate way to earn money part-time, then this company is a great and easy place to start. 

Making additional income is a great way to save or clear debt, especially during these uncertain times, and finding a simple way to earn by signing up with Happy Scribe seems like a great solution.

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