Top 7 Legitimate Overnight Work From Home Jobs, Apply Today!

Sometimes people thrive while working at night. Or, you may just prefer a 3rd shift job due to your schedule and family life. Working from home has become the norm for a lot of people. Luckily, there are quite a few overnight work from home jobs to choose from.

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The combination of overnight and working from home may be a perfect recipe. The flexibility of working from home is something not everybody has, and getting to work a shift you love is even better. Some companies need help all through the day or do business internationally, which opens up more overnight opportunities. 

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Here are some of the best legit overnight work from home jobs that you can apply to today. 

Legitimate Overnight Work From Home Jobs


VIPKid is always looking for new teachers to help educate students. This company lets educators choose their hours, so if overnight hours work better for you, they’ll be happy to get you started. The company puts together the curriculum; you just have to teach children from China English as a second language. Join the 70,000 teachers who work on VIPkid and teach the 600,000 students English. 

The classes are one on one. Teachers make up to $22 per hour, plus any referrals or incentives. The children are between the ages of 4-12. VIPKid recommends teachers be available at least 7.5 hours per day. Sometimes it takes about 20 days to get a steady stream of students as parents help them look for the best teacher. Go here to apply now!


Join the LiveOps customer service teams and enjoy working from home. Increased earnings come with experience and performing great for customers. Most calls are paid at a per-minute rate, so you’re in charge of how much you can make. Liveops allow agents to schedule their hours, so if overnight is preferred, they’ll allow it. Agents are in charge of what industry they’ll be fielding calls from. 

The company recommends agents have a quiet place to work that will have limited distractions. Agents must have a corded landline phone and a headset that is compatible with this phone.

A work from home agent must have service from either Comcast, AT&T Uverse, Time Warner Cable, Digital Voice, or something similar. Initial contracts to get started are usually six months. LiveOps pays invoices top agents twice a month, by either check or direct deposit. 

Go here to learn more about LiveOps and apply online.

World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings agents help sell cruise or resort vacations to clients. Night shifts are available through World Travel Holdings. They work with over 40 different travel brands. They make note that they don’t want your home office to be in the same residence as a current agent.

This may cause the home to be too loud if two agents live in the same home. Minimum internet speeds are Minimum speeds required are 10.0 Mbps download, and 5.0 Mbps upload speed. New agents are required to pay a $250 refundable deposit to get a company computer and phone. The deposit is spread out between five paycheck deductions. 

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3 Play Media

3 Play Media needs team members to assist in transcribing audio. Employees are asked to take a series of tests to make sure they are the right candidate for the job. Candidates must be at least 18-years old. They also must be knowledgeable of English grammar and punctuation.

Typing ability must be at least 75 wpm to be considered. Pay will decide on what type of project you’d be assigned by range typically between $10-$30 per hour. 3 Play Media is also looking for people who can transcribe Spanish audio for them. All the requirements for this position are similar to the other opening. 

Go here to learn more about 3 Play Media and apply online.


Appen is another one of the best overnight work from home jobs that offers a wide variety of different job opportunities. One of the easiest most flexible ones is social media evaluators. Agents must also be at least 18 years old. Some assignments on Appen may require an agent to be fluent in a second language, but they do have room for people who speak English as their primary language.

One of the first questions they ask when you apply is actually what country you live in. They follow that up by asking what your primary language is. They’ll then outline jobs specific to those answers if they have anything like that open. 

Go here to learn more about Appen and apply online.


Apple at home advisors offers support throughout the day for Apple customers. At home, advisors are responsible for answering questions about Apple’s products and services. Agents must be self-motivated and a great at getting to and solving customer issues.

Hours are based all on business needs and may even include major holidays. Training can be done right at home on the IMac and headset provided by Apple. Training will be led by a live instructor and last up to nine weeks. 

Go here to learn more about Apple and apply online.

Fancy Hands   

Virtual assistants (VA’s) are in demand through Fancy Hands. Virtual assistants through Fancy Hands don’t need a ton of equipment. A headset, microphone, computer, and reliable internet will be a great start. People have busy lives, and you're there to just help them through it. They may ask you to help schedule appointments or meetings on their behalf. VA’s may also do data entry, send emails, make phone calls, and the list goes on. 

Whatever makes things flow easier for the client. Sometimes requests may not be clear but having the communication skills to do what you can and think it through will go a long way. Starting out payments are determined by how quick tasks are completed, how difficult the task is, and other things like what time of day was it finished.

Completed tasks will earn VA’s $3-$7 per task. They also have managerial positions that oversee other virtual assistants and make sure everything is getting done. Payments go out every two weeks on Tuesdays. 

Go here to learn more about Fancy Hands and apply online.


Some people can be very productive at night. For people that work better at night, we hope this list will help you break into a profession that you enjoy.

There are many different types of work from home night jobs that you may be comfortable going into. Some are good-paying jobs that may offer benefits to even part-time employees. 

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