7 Ways To Make Money Fast from These Smartphone Apps (Totally Free!)

Do you want a way to make money fast without having to get another hectic part-time job? Well, you can by using free smartphone apps. That smart little device that you carry everywhere with you can be earning you some well-deserved dollars so let me help you to make that phone put some money in your pocket.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

First, let’s find out which are the best free smartphone apps that can make you some quick cash.

Best Free Smartphone Apps to Make Money Fast

There are a lot of smartphone apps out there and some pay cash via PayPal or direct deposit, use a points reward system that you can redeem, or pay you in gift cards. The good thing about these free apps is that you can use one or multiple apps to make as much money as you can.


Shopkick is a free smartphone app that allows you to earn points in-store and online called ‘kicks’ that can be redeemed as gift cards. 

You can perform simple tasks in most of your favorite retail stores just by going through a store entrance or by scanning barcodes to earn kicks. There are six ways that you can earn cash quickly and you can find out more about this reward app here.


Swagbucks is quite a popular smartphone app that can help you save money through coupons, cashback, completing quick surveys and get rewarded with gift cards. You also earn just for signing up and if you refer friends you can both earn reward points. This is an ideal way to save for seasonal gifts.

Inbox Dollars

As the name suggests, Inbox Dollars pay you in real dollars to do a number of simple tasks such as answering emails, playing games, watching videos, redeeming grocery coupons and getting cash back offers. You can even earn $5 instantly on the first sign up.

Fetch Rewards

If you’re a regular grocery shopper and really want to save money, I suggest signing up for Fetch Rewards. A very easy to use app that helps you save money by allowing you to scan and upload pictures of your receipts on your smartphone.

Fetch Rewards works with the world’s biggest brands to bring you the best reward points you can redeem as gift cards.

Field Agent App

With the Field Agent app, you can start to make real money by performing a number of tasks using your phone such as mystery shopping, buy and try and get paid for your opinion, take photos for a number of retail companies, and many other tasks. 

It’s quick and easy to use, you can work on your own schedule and you’re paid directly to your bank account. So you can cash out your earnings and make money fast.


Become a Gigwalker and get paid to collect data and carry out tasks for world-leading brands on the GigWalk smartphone app. You can work where and when you want and earn as little or as much as you can for extra cash. Payment is made directly to you by PayPal.


MobEye app is available in several countries and is a way for companies to collect market research data from the information you provide. 

Each week new tasks are added to this app in locations where you are. You book a 2-hour task such as checking product availability, providing your personal opinion on a product, and answering questionnaires. Once you’ve completed the task successfully you’re quickly paid via PayPal.


If you’ve ever considered becoming a mystery shopper to make extra money on the side you can with the Mobee app

Download the app to your smartphone, check for missions within your local area, and start fulfilling various Mobee tasks such as taking pictures inside a store, or answering surveys.

You can take on these missions on your own schedule and once completed redeem your reward points in as little as 48 hours.


Now that you‘ve seen the list of apps that can help you quickly make some extra money it naturally makes sense to use your smartphone and your spare time wisely to make some fast cash and save. 

It’s also a great opportunity to have the option of gift cards that you can give to friends and family for any special occasion. These are some of the many great ways smartphone apps can make and save you money. 

Finally, make sure to check that your phone is compatible with these money making apps as some are available on iOS, Android or both. So the next time you go out shopping or run errands why not take advantage of making a side income by downloading and signing up to any of these easy and free smartphone apps now.

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