7 Easy Online Jobs Paying $500 Per Month from Your Smartphone

There are lots of easy online jobs that pay $500 per month by using your smartphone. No need for a pc or laptop all you need is your cellphone to start making money online. Start by downloading a couple of trustworthy applications from the Google Playstore if you are on Android or the Apple store if you’re on the iPhone.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

You may not realize it but right now there are lots of easy online jobs you can do on your smartphone. So let’s find out which ones you can sign up for today.

Easy Online Jobs You Can Do from Your Smartphone


You can apply for free when you register to join the tutoring app Wyzant. You can search for online tutoring jobs by city or by subject. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to become a tutor but you must have the relevant knowledge to teach a subject either as a graduate or undergraduate student, or an industry professional. You get to set your own hourly rate and payment is made straight to your bank account. Sign up here!

2. Userlytics 

With Userlytics you can easily make money by testing mobile apps online from your smartphone. Register to join by completing your profile online. You will then be invited to take part in any tests that match your profile where you can answer questions and provide verbal feedback. You can earn anywhere between $5 to $90 per test depending on the complexity and you get paid via PayPal. Userlytics is open to multiple countries so sign up now. Sign up now!

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3. TaskHuman 

This is a wellness app that allows you to offer online coaching services via live video call to clients all over the world. If you have fitness training experience, stress management coaching, or any other wellness industry coaching skill that you would love to share on a one-on-one basis then you should sign up to TaskHuman. 

You get to choose your own flexible hours, work from anywhere and earn a great hourly rate. You can download this app from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store. Get started today!

4. GigWalk

You can help businesses collect data by joining GigWalk and carry out remote tasks such as local mystery shopping, mobile app testing, and market research with nothing but your mobile phone and the GigWalk app. Just download the app on your Android or iOS device, register for an account, and link it to your PayPal account to receive payment.

Once you are accepted you can then find local gigs to take part in. GigWalk allows flexible working hours and you choose the gigs you want to take. You can make between $3 to $100 per task depending on task difficulty. Sign up now!

5. TaskRabbit 

You can find local jobs on the Task Rabbit app that matches you with customers that are time short who require your skills. From running short errands to putting together furniture or help with a move you can find a paying task on this app. Get started now!

With the TaskRabbit app you can set your own flexible schedule and accept tasks when you want.  The app also gives a guide on how much you can earn per hour and can be downloaded on both the  Google and Apple store. 

Be aware that there is a one-time sign-up fee of $25 to cover promoting and listing your skills profile. Start search for jobs today!

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6. ARC Consulting

You can start earning by making mystery shopping calls or evaluation calls for various companies with ARC Consulting. This is a legitimate company that recruits mystery shoppers from all over the world. 

No experience is necessary, but you must have good communication skills. You can also choose your own working hours and be notified of any available tasks via your mobile phone. You can download the app from the Apple and Google Play Store. Start today! 

7. Swagbucks 

Swagbucks is super easy to sign up for and even gives you a bonus of $10 when you register for the first time. You can take simple surveys, and watch short videos, to earn points which you can then convert to gift cards or good old cash paid straight into your PayPal account. Sign up now!

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Final Thoughts on Easy Online Jobs You Can Do On Your Smartphone

Now that you have found out the potential earning power of your smartphone and that it can do more than just make calls, texts, send emails and have FaceTime you need to sign up to as many of these phone apps as you can so you too can make some extra side income.

An added bonus is that most of the online jobs that you can do on your phone are not labor-intensive so can easily fit around your 9-5 if you choose to do them as a side hustle after work or on the weekends.

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