Top 50 Trusted Work at Home Jobs that Pay by Check

Work from home companies that still pay by check? Yes, Absolutely. You can get paid the old fashion way by check!For those that are wondering are there any work at home jobs that pay by check? The answer is yes.

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Even though many prefer to get paid through Paypal, since it's a much faster and quicker way, there are still those that would prefer to get paid the old fashion way by check.  This is also a good way for those that would rather have a paper trail of all their earnings.

Below you will find a list work at home companies that still pay by check. If there are any I missed, feel free to share those in my comment section below.

 Work at Home Companies that Pay by Check

Interpretation Jobs That Pay by Check

Tutoring and Education Jobs that Pay by Check

  • ETS – Get paid to score tests for colleges, schools, or any other educational institution.
  • – Online tutoring openings in economics, accounting, finance, college physics, and more.
  • BrainMass – Online tutoring work from home.
  • English Hunt – ESL Tutoring work from home.
  • SmartThinking – Online tutoring work.

Transcription Companies that Pay by Check

Writing Companies that Pay by Check

Online Surveys, Smartphone Apps, and Extra Cash Opportunities 

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    1. Denise Painter

      CLK Transcriptions also pays by check twice a month.

      1. Lashay H.

        Hi Denise! Thanks for sharing. I will make sure to add the company to this list 🙂

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