35 Online Work from Home Jobs That Pay Fast via PayPal

Want to start a work from home job and get paid FAST via PayPal? If that's you, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of using PayPal.

PayPal has been one of the largest online payment systems used worldwide. Those who work from home, and have never used Paypal, may wonder why so many prefer this payment method over the others. After you review the following three advantages of using Paypal to get paid for your time, you will most likely start using it yourself.

Benefits of Using Paypal as a Payment Method

1. Saves Money

The primary reason most companies opt for PayPal is that it's entirely free. There are no sign-up fees, membership fees, or annual fees involved. Workers who use PayPal enjoy the benefits of the service without it costing anyone a dime.

2. Secures Credit Card Information

Another reason for using PayPal is that it secures credit card and personal information. Upon signing up for a PayPal account, you can link your credit card or bank account without concerns. This information only needs to be provided during the initial sign-up and won't need to be disclosed again. By accepting payments through PayPal, you can receive your money and transfer your funds to your bank account without worrying about the risk of a company hacking into your account.

3. Lost or Stolen Payments

Using PayPal can save you from the hassle of losing a check or having your money stolen. PayPal secures your funds and verifies each transaction. I also recommend getting a PayPal debit card for easier access to your cash balance. Don't worry, PayPal debit cards are available for free.

Which Work at Home Companies Pay through Paypal?

If you are wondering which companies use Paypal for sending payments, I have gathered a big list of companies that will.

  1. Amazon Mturk – (Read more) Micro jobs and online tasks.
  2. Babbletype – Transcription work.
  3. Call Center QA -(Read more)– Telephone mystery shopping.
  4. Clickworker – Clickworker pays you to complete a variety of micro-tasks.
  5. Fancy HandsRead Review– Micro jobs and virtual assistant tasks.
  6. Fiverr – Get paid $ 5 for every micro job you complete. Pay is via PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfer.
  7. HireWriters – Get paid to write SEO articles online. Payments are done weekly on Fridays via PayPal.
  8. Humanatic – Review and sort phone calls from home.
  9. Ibotta – Smartphone app that pays you cash back for grocery shopping.
  10. Inbox Dollars – Take online surveys, play games, and more.
  11. iPoll – Get paid for sharing your opinion. Receive $5 just for signing up.
  12. Opinion Outpost – Take online surveys for cash.
  13. Paid Viewpoint – Make money online by taking short simple surveys.
  14. Pleio (formerly Good Call) – Get paid to make sales phone calls. Pay is weekly.
  15. Qmee – Earn cash and rewards for searching the internet.
  16. Rakuten (formerly Ebates) – Earn cash back for shopping at your favorite online stores.
  17. Receipt Hog – Smartphone app that pays you to scan grocery receipts.
  18. Rev – Get paid to transcribe phone calls. Pay is weekly.
  19. SigTrack -(Read more )– Data entry work.
  20. Slice the Pie – Get paid to review music online.
  21. Scribie – Transcription work.
  22. Survey Savvy – Get paid cash for taking online surveys from home.
  23. Swagbucks – Take online surveys, play games, watch videos, and more.
  24. Task Rabbit – (Read Review )– Get paid to run errands and complete micro-jobs.
  25. Taskhuman – Get paid to coach fitness students
  26. Textbroker – Freelance writing work.
  27. Toluna – Earn money by taking online surveys, free product testing, and more.
  28. User Testing -Website testing company that pays $10 per every website you review for 10-20 minutes.
  29. Userlytics – Website Testing company that pays $10 per site you visit.
  30. Verblio (formerly Blogmutt) – Writing work.
  31. VerbalizeIT – Translation, interpretation, and transcription work.
  32. Intellizoom Panel (formerly WhatusersDo) -Website Testing company that pays $8 per site you visit.
  33. Field Agent – Field Agent app pays for completing small tasks in town like checking store displays or prices.
  34. GoTranscript – Offers transcription positions.
  35. Gigwalk – Complete short tasks for businesses and get paid.

How To Sign Up for A Paypal Account?

To get started visit their official site here – http://www.paypal.com.

  • Click on the “Sign Up” button. This button is located in the top right-hand corner of the site.
  • Select the Type of Desired Account. A personal account is FREE, if used for collecting money, sending funds, and buying goods or services. For a business account, you will have two options: Standard account which is free, or a PRO account that is a monthly fee of $30.
  • Enter your Email and Create a Secure Password. Please note: This is the email you will use to collect or send payments online.

Want to start a work from home job and  get paid FAST via PayPal? Today, you will help you learn how to create a free Payal account along with 35+ work from home jobs you can start today!

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