Best 10 Flexible Online Work from Home Jobs for College Students

As a college student one of the best things to help with your tuition and gain valuable work experience is obtaining a job. You can do this by easily searching for online jobs for college students.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

To help you find ways to earn money online that will save you money from having to commute to and from work or losing precious study time, here are some of the best flexible online jobs that you can do as a college student from the comfort of your home or your dorm room.

What Are the Best Online Jobs College Students Can Do?

Apple Support College Adviser

Apple has a wonderful job program for college students in providing customer support as an Apple advisor on all Apple products and apps. You will receive in-depth training and must be a great communicator and have a 2.7 GPA. Apply here!

Course Hero

Why not sign up to Course Hero and become an online tutor. You do not need to be a certified tutor but as a college student you must be able to provide technical knowledge in your chosen subject. You can tutor online on your own flexible schedule and could earn up to $500 per week. 

Take Class Notes

This is a unique opportunity to earn from the note-taking you do as a college student. At StudySoup you could be earning some extra cash from your class notes. If you already write in- depth personal study guides for your college courses you can get paid to help other students through your elite note taking. Sign up for free at StudySoup and start making money online as a student.


Joining Userlytics is a quick and easy way to earn extra money online as a student. You can test websites and apps by answering various questions or carrying out certain tasks in your spare time. Check to see if Userlytics is available in your country as they also require testers outside of the US. Payment is made via PayPal.


You might not realize it but you could actually be earning easy money by collecting data and doing remote tasks for various businesses through GigWalk. 

You can be assigned gigs on your smartphone through the Gigwalk app depending on your location and carry out tasks such as, market research, mystery shopping and other data driven tasks in your spare time. This is a great way to earn extra funds to help pay off a student loan or purchase college textbooks.

Fancy Hands

This quick and easy platform always has online jobs available. Fancy Hands is great for anyone who has a flexible schedule so it’s perfect for college students. Sign up for free and apply or get selected for various types of virtual assistant jobs. You might not make a full-time income but depending on your skillset the more tasks you do the more you earn.

Proofreading Services

If proofreading and editing is your strength then you might consider doing online work with If you are currently studying English or a Liberal Arts degree then why not earn extra income online as a proofreader. 

You can apply from anywhere in the world by taking a 20 minute test. Working hours are flexible as long as you get the work done in the required turnaround time and pay range is between $19 – 46.


If you have a talent for writing as a college student you could make money online by offering your writing services. You can write within any niche as there is a demand for regular content for blogs, websites, emails, and even social media. Writing platforms like Contena can be used to showcase your writing skills so add your writing profile and portfolio to their platform. 

Online Tutoring

As mentioned before online tutoring is a great option for a college student. Not only do you get to share your expertise in what you are learning at college, it’s also an excellent way to gain valuable work experience for your resume and a way to help clear any student debt that you might have. 

Cambly is a popular site to teach English to students all over the world. You have the choice to teach adults or children. You can tutor online with Cambly to fit in with your college lectures and studies. Payment is weekly through PayPal.

Social Media Manager

Why not get a side job with the Mod Squad. If you’re the kind of college student that’s always updating your social media why not make money doing it? Offering to handle the social media content of big brands and small businesses could become a very lucrative opportunity. 

You can easily schedule it around your studies by signing up to Mod Squad who are always on the lookout for moderators, live chat agents and social media managers.

Final Thoughts on Flexible Online Jobs for College Students

There are lots of ways to find profitable online jobs for college students. I hope you found the suggested online jobs a great option for you to start making money. You can even be a student with no experience for some of these jobs. 

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