4 Ways To Perfect Your Typing Skills for Typist Jobs

One of the most essential skills to have when wanting to work online is good old fashioned typing skills. Yes, the typewriter has been around for over a hundred years and although technology has advanced with computers and smart devices coming with voice command and a whole host of AI capabilities, the skill of typing is still very much a major part of communicating and creating content online.

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Typing is used in everyday life and has helped many to type up great looking resumes, cover letters, college reports, send numerous emails and even a few letters of complaints. Not only that, you can also get paid to type by doing data entry, transcription, content writing and many other online jobs that can be done full-time or as a side hustle. 


So how can you continue to improve and use your online typing skills?


You may remember learning at school how to touch type on the word processor or using the Rosetta Stone typing program on your computer until you developed a good enough typing speed. Then over time once you learned the basics of typing you fell into bad habits. But what methods helped you to develop faster typing speed and better accuracy?


4 Easy Ways To Improve Your Typing 


Here are four simple ways that can help improve your online typing skills.


Make sure your hands are in the right position


If you’re familiar with the QWERTY keyboard you may already be aware that your hands must be placed on the home row keys. This is  highlighted by helpful ridges on the F and J keys of the keyboard to correctly position your hands.


Do not look at your hands while typing


You may wonder if this is good advice but the less you look at your hands to see where you place your fingers the faster you will type. By keeping your eyes on your screen or on the document you are typing you are guaranteed to improve your speed over time as your fingers become familiar with their placement. It then becomes like muscle memory.


Keep good posture

Maintaining good posture while typing helps with a more comfortable and better typing performance. To obtain this your work area needs to be set up correctly. Make sure to do the following:

  • Have desk set at the right height
  • Use a comfortable ergonomic chair to prevent sloughing and/or aching neck and back
  • Have feet firmly placed flat on the ground
  • Wrists should be aligned to elbows when using keyboard
  • Ensure computer screen and documents are placed at eye level.


Keep Practicing


This is a very simple yet important point. Practice. The more you do something the better you become at it so practice, practice, practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect and there are a whole host of online typing sites that allow you to quickly practice and increase your typing speed and also improve your accuracy.


Online Sites to Improve Your Computer Typing Skills


Here are a few of the top online typing sites you can use right now to perfect your typing skills and they are all FREE.


If you’re a complete beginner you can try out Typing.com for a range of free foundation typing classes.


To practice speed typing start with speedtypingonline.com a great way to get instant online typing speed results.


In the online world being able to do things quickly and efficiently is one of the best ways to make money. For example, if you can type a report or do data entry fast then it will result in you being able to earn more money in a shorter period of time. 


Do you have any tips that you can share to help others with their computer typing skills? Leave your idea in the comment section below.

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