4 Ways To Perfect Your Typing Skills for Typist Jobs

While most people engage in typing, either in professional or personal endeavors, not everyone can be a skilled typist. As you delve deeper into the professional typing world, there are ways to perfect your typing skills to earn a living working from home!

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What is a Typist

To begin with, you will need to be very proficient in using a computer in performing a wide variety of tasks. This includes processing documents, drafting letters, generating reports, to mention but a few. Most importantly, you must work with an uncommon level of precision, meet tight deadlines, and also be able to work as a team.

The Best 10 Entry Level Typing Jobs For Beginners

Ways To Perfect your Computer Skills for Typing Jobs

In order to become a fully-fledged professional typist, you will need some training. The good news is a variety of training programs are available online. Many of these courses can be taken as non-credit or continual education programs in workplace training, secretarial, or business courses. 

Here are four ways to perfect your typing skills from home!

1. Enroll in a Computer Skills Course

If you need to brush up on your computer skills, start with this first. A computer skills course will impart you with the necessary basic skills required for day-to-day professional duties. This includes sending and receiving emails, multitasking, and even troubleshooting various common computer malfunctions. You will also be exposed to a wide range of computer software applications that are commonly utilized in most professional settings. This includes word processing programs, spreadsheets, databases as well as computer presentation applications. You will also learn in detail about the various computer file formats and extensions and how to use them.

2. Enroll in a Word Processing Course

An excellent word processing course will offer a comprehensive overview of the various word processing applications which are commonly used in the professional environment.  You will learn how to create and save documents, design tables, edit, view, and manage word processing documents.  In addition, a good course will teach this fundamental knowledge across several word processing applications, not just one.

3. Enroll in a Keyboarding Course

At the same time, to become a professional typist you will want to hone your keyboard utilization skills. An excellent keyboarding course will enable you to fully understand how to type on a computer’s keyboard with letters, numbers, and symbols.

The best keyboarding courses also teach the importance of ergonomically correct typing. This will go a long way in helping you to avoid injuries and being able to type for many years to come. 

Finally, a good keyboarding course will also assist in teaching computer keyboard shortcuts, which in turn will hone your productivity and efficiency as a professional typist.

4. Enroll in a Touch Typing Course

Touch typing is one of the most critical skills you will have to make an effort to master if you wish to excel in a professional typing career. This particular skill teaches you just how you can type by making use of your motor reflexes, instead of your eyesight. As it is, your eyes will then be totally fixed on the computer monitor’s screen rather than the keyboard.

As you proceed to hone your touch typing skills, you will simultaneously improve your overall typing speed and accuracy. This in turn will significantly assist to enhance your productivity and make you infinitely more marketable to prospective employers.

Many companies hire the services of touch typists largely due to their unparalleled productivity and efficiency. There are a large number of reputable online tutors who make it their primary business to teach the art of touch typing for no cost at all.  Some free resources include: 

Final Thoughts

Typing is an excellent work at home career choice.  It is ideal for stay at home moms or those who need a flexible home-based job. Improve your skills by enrolling in the above four types of courses and take the plunge into a new career!

My name is Adam Fort, I’m an education strategist at Ratatype.com. This project helps children and adults to learn touch typing via an online typing test and lessons. I am in charge of developing the proper typing lessons and exercise for typists who want to improve their typing speed. I also have a commercial pilot's license of which I’m proud.

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