40 Online Jobs that Don’t Require a Background Check

40 Online Jobs That Don't Require A Background CheckIs it possible to find a work at home job with no background or credit check? Absolutely, yes.

Typically companies that involve you having an employee status will normally require a background check, while freelance jobs and independent contractors do not. These jobs may involve bloggers, freelance writers, graphic & web designers, website testers, which these are just a few. Keep in mind that there are exceptions for some companies. 

I've  put together a list of companies I researched and found to be work from home jobs that do not require a background screening.

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  • Leapforce -Web evaluating work at home job. You will only need a computer with high speed internet. Must past a two part exam to be considered for a position. Pay is $13-$15 /hr. No background or credit check required.
  • Humanatic  – Companies needs call reviewers to work from home any time listening to and sorting calls.
  • User Testing – Get paid to test and evaluate websites. You will not need a webcam with this company. Pay is $10 per test.
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk  – Get paid to work any time of the day or night completing a variety of tasks in data entry, writing, surveys, website testing, and more.
  • WhatUsersdo – Get paid to test and evaluate websites. Test takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Pay is $8 per test.No
  • AccuTran Global – This company contracts transcribers to work from home. You will need to fill out a questionnaire and other test materials to be considered for a position. Pay is per word. No background screening needed.
  • Hausernet – Mail decoying work from home. You will get paid to sort and store mail by date. You will need to key in information from each mail piece. Pay is .25 per piece that is keyed in.
  • TryMyUI – Website testing job.Tests takes around 15-20 minutes to complete. Pay is $10 per test.
  • Cass Info – Get paid to type in data from home. Will have to work onsite for training and then transition to working from home.
  • UserFeel – Website testing job. This company pays around $10 per test.
  • US Monitor – Mail decoying work from home job. You will be processing mail pieces. Pay is $10/month and $0.25 per each mail piece processed. They will send you all supplies and equipment you need.
  • Nexus OP – Flexible customer service job with part-time hours. They are always seeking new agents. To apply, select “Customer Service Agent” from the drop-down menu.

Freelance Writing Jobs that do not require a background check

  • Copify.com – This company hires freelance writers to work from home. There is a U.S. and UK version of this site. Pay varies with this company.
  • Textbroker – Freelance writing job that pays upfront for your articles. The pay depends on what writing level you are on. Pay is weekly via paypal.
  • Coffeebreakforwriters.com – Coffeebreakwriters.com publishes articles about the publish and writing industry. Pay is around $15 for a 500 word article.
  • Triple Curve – This company hires writers to work from home. Pay is anywhere from $8-$15 per article. Payment is weekly for most projects.
  • Scripted.com – This company hire writers to work from home. Must be a very experienced writer. Pay is around $20-$35 per article.
  • Developer Tutorial – This site publishes programming and design guides so this is more for geeks. Pay is $50-$100 per tutorial and $30-$50 per article.
  • About.com – This company hires writers to write content online from home and are paid a minimum based on the number of articles they create. You are compensated according to page growth.
  • CloudCrowd – Cloud Crowd offers micro jobs in general writing, marketing writing, and editing. You must pass a series of assessments before accepted.
  • Blogmutt – Get paid to write posts for businesses and earn $8 per post if they accept it.
  • Break Studios – Get paid to write articles on topics that interest you. Pays $8 per article via Paypal twice a month.
  • Constant Content – Write and sell your original articles through this company. Pays monthly via Paypal or direct deposit.
  • London Brokers – Get paid upfront to write articles on a variety of subjects. Pays every week via Paypal.
  • Love To Know – Get paid to create content on a variety of topics. Pays $15 to $50 per article via Paypal.
  • Writer Access – Get paid write content for their clients online. Pays $5 up to $100 per articles via Paypal every month.

Online Task Sites with No Background Check

  • Fiverr – Online marketplace where you can buy and sell micro jobs for $5. Pay is via paypal.
  • Skyword – Online writing company.
  • Darwins Data – Get paid $25 for every survey you complete. Redeem in cash and rewards.
  • Click n Work – Get Paid to complete a variety of online tasks.
  • Clickworker  – Get paid to complete tasks in writing, editing, proofreading and more. Weekly pay. Hires international workers. Pays per task.
  • Virtual Bee – Get paid to do simple data entry tasks. There is a waiting list when you apply.
  • Short Task – Short Task connect online job seekers with clients. You can work at home completing a variety of tasks.

If there are any companies that I missed, feel free to share them in my comment section below. Looking forward to hearing from you.


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  • Duncan Githui Gitongah

    some sites such as http://www.textbroker.com require you be a US citizen

  • Jody Brown

    NexusOp.com provides work from home opportunities with no background check.

    • Hi Jody! I’ll make sure to add them to the list. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • himabindu

    Hi..Thankyou for the worthy list. If possible, please try to include which country citizens are eligible to apply for the above companies.

    • Hi! You’re welcome! Were you looking for work outside the US?

  • Will Homelsy

    I wish someone would explain to me the purpose of doing a background check on work at home employees. There’s no workplace safety component and there is no research that says people who steal from companies are already felons. It’s makes NO sense and should be deemed unlawful. There are millions of people who WANT to work, but who can’t pass the background check or the CREDIT check? Credit check, really? If i had a job, i’d have better credit. I have bad credit, a MASTERS degree and a non-violent felony from 20 years ago and NO COMPANY will hire me??!! Even the companies that make you be an ind. contractor?! This makes no sense. They are using a set formula and not taking anything else into consideration, meanwhile i have experience and am the PeRFECT person for this job. A change needs to happen.

  • Cali Curls Mom

    NexusOp.com is no longer available. Does anyone know what name they changed it to?

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    This informations are really helpful. Thank you Ms. Lashay. I’m from Philippines. Trying to look for a home based work . Then i saw you on youtube. Thanks a lot. I hope i can finally get some part time work. Gotta try them out.