Best 6 Data Entry Jobs You Can Do from Home To Make Money Online

Are you looking for legitimate data entry jobs online?

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Data entry online jobs are a great option for people who are looking to start working from home. Whether you're looking for something more flexible or want to change fields, there are plenty of online opportunities to consider.

Data entry jobs depend heavily on your typing skills. And the good news is that most of us who spend time online have basic typing skills anyway. So, if you are detail-oriented, communicate well, and are willing to learn, this may be the perfect work from home job field for you to get into.

Here are 6 of the best ways to make money completing data entry jobs online.

Want to make money completing data entry jobs online? Here are 6 of the best options to consider when getting started so you can work from home.Sigtrack 

Sigtrack hires data entry freelancers. Freelancers must be a U.S. resident to be considered for a position. Team members must have a PayPal account because that’s how payments are made. Sigtrack data entry freelancers must have a computer be running Windows Pro Edition or higher, or MacOS 10.12 or later. 

Also, Sigtrack has a few other recommendations for their team including a dual monitor setup or 4K monitor. Even a tablet, like an iPad, can be used as that second monitor. They look for candidates who can type fast, reliable, and can work a flexible schedule

One step included in the application process is taking a three-second video of your face and ID. That way Sigtrack can match the candidate's face with a name on an ID. Videos can be sent to [email protected].


Flexjobs is a great place to go when searching for a new job. They are a trusted site to visit for people who need to change careers. Data entry is a popular job on the platform, including many that are remote jobs.

Depending on the company some previous experience in the field might be required. Others just need a high school diploma or maybe even a college degree. FlexJobs has a few opportunities in the medical field and a variety of other options. Go here to start your job search!

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Freelancers interested in working with Axion should have 2-3 years of experience in the field. They should also be able to type around 50 words per minute with no errors. Finally, they must be proficient in working on their own Mac or Windows computer and need to have high-speed broadband internet. The pay is different depending on the project.

Axion asks people to enter their names into a database. If a candidate is contacted about an opening their name will be picked from this database. The next step is to have a background check done. Axion uses a company that charges $30 to do the report. Axion gets a copy of the report and so does the applicant. 

Capital Typing

Capital Typing has a few services they offer their customers. Of course, this includes transcription, translation, and data entry. They have flexible opportunities for both full and part-time team members.

They aren’t currently looking for data entry help, but resumes and salary requirements can be sent to [email protected]

Gorge Warehouse

Gorge Warehouse is currently accepting applications for many positions including data entry. They also have openings in software development, sales, and customer service.

The data entry duties would include posting data to the web site and internal database. They want to make sure that all data entry team members proofread their work before they submit it. Gorge Warehouse wants minimal errors. 

Schedules are work from home and are flexible. Data entry personnel are required to type at least 30 words per minute. Experience with products like word, excel, access, front page, and outlook are preferred. Wages for this position start at $10.50 an hour. Also, employees will need to have their own computer, printer, and internet connection.

Applications must be filled out in full and resumes can be submitted here resumes can be sent to [email protected]. The resumes must be sent in either ASCII text format or Rich text format. Resumes sent by themselves won’t be considered. And, applications must be completed as well.  

Dion Data

Dion Data has a 24/7 production environment that helps them fulfill the client's needs from any time zone. This company enters data from many different formats including typed, hard copy, and scanned.

The company prides itself on a 99.995% accuracy rate for projects that have double key verification.

That's basically two clerks entering the data for a project. After the project is completed it is then returned to the customer in whatever format they requested.

Some of the data entry projects that are done on any given day are warranty cards, medical claims, mailing lists, and inventories. Now, even though they are frequently hiring, Dion Data Solutions isn’t currently looking for help. But check back here often. 

Data entry takes focus and determination to get it done right. They also like people who are tech-savvy and can type at the very least 30 words per minute with some jobs wanting even better results.

Companies also want data entry staff to type accurately with minimal errors. If all those demands sound doable, give data entry a try. And some of the companies pay better than others, but it does sound reasonable. Now you can work from home with a flexible schedule and start earning!  

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