6 Easy Ways Teens Can Make $500 Every Month Online

As kids age and become teens, they may become more and more interested in making their own money. There are so many opportunities to earn money even as a teenager.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

It may be challenging to find a part-time job as a teen since many jobs have age restrictions. However, teens can also make money with a flexible side hustle or even by starting their own business.

Here are 7 easy ways for teens to make $500 every month.

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1. Voiceover on UpWork

Voiceover acting is fun and pays well. Upwork is a site that shares paying leads for a variety of gigs including voiceover work. Your voice may be used in commercials, for company ads, for audiobooks or other projects.

One way to build up samples and get great practice is by doing voiceover jobs through Upwork. Upwork allows you to set your rate and you'll want to get positive reviews from your first clients to help you get more through Upwork.

Once you get some voiceover experience and set up your demo reel, it’s possible to make up to $125 per hour on Upwork. Some of the top voice talents have earned over $100K in their career on Upwork.

Upwork breaks down the job description and what the client is looking for. The platform also lets freelancers know how many people have applied and if there have been any interviews. The posting also shares if any hires have been made yet. 

Voices.com is another site you may want to consider for landing voiceover work. If you're looking for more information about how to get started as a voiceover actor, here are some resources:

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2. Sell on Facebook Marketplace

If you're 18 and up, selling items on Facebook Marketplace is a great way to earn $500 per month or more. Parents can always help of even list the items on their page and monitor all communication. Be smart and safe about it, but teens can do a lot of the work in terms of finding items to sell and taking pictures.

To earn consistent money, you may want to take some of the profits from previous sales and grab used items that you can fix up and resell online. I have a friend who flips furniture that she finds for free on the side of the road or at thrift stores. She refinished and painted a table she got for $8 and sold it for $80.

3. Pet Care on Rover

If you have a pet or love being around them another great choice to earn money is with Rover. Rover connects pet owners and sitters to walk dogs or to pet sit at their house or the owner's home. Dog boarding is an option if your family doesn't mind having a dog around the house for a few days. 

Otherwise, walking dogs is still a way that teens can make $500 per month. You can expect to earn $15 – $20 per walk. However, you can also walk multiple dogs and market your services outside of Rover. If you're able to pet sit, you can charge anywhere from $30 – $45 per night. Rover does require all sitters to be at least 18 years old. Rover sitters can earn up to $1,000 per month, but top earners can earn more towards $3,000. Watch my tutorial on YouTube for more ways to make money babysitting pets.

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4. Babysit on Care.com 

If teens have experience watching younger siblings or babysitting for friends or family, they can choose babysitting as a way to earn money. Care.com allows teens 18 or older to use the platform for caregiver services. Create a profile and list your available hours. Make sure your profile tells a little about yourself because parents feel more comfortable knowing your background. 

They may ask you a ton of questions before booking you, so having some of that information already on your profile can help the process. You are notified each time a job is posted and can apply to whatever fits your schedule. Parents will want to interview sitters. Interactions can be either in person or over the phone. Meeting with the parents and family will help you decide if it will be a good match. 

5. Design Work on Fiverr

Web design is an important industry and always will be. People need logos for their businesses or designs for their websites. YouTubers need design help as well. Creating channel art or thumbnails for YouTubers is an easy service that's often in demand. 

Fiverr is a popular place that people will head to for affordable design work. Selling design services on Fiverr is a great idea for any teen looking to earn $500 every month.

You can even start your own design service and all you'll need is a website or portfolio page to help you gather leads.

6. Photographer

Another way for teens to make $500 every month is by offering photography services. You may have to spend some money on a camera, but that’s about all you need to get started. Watch some videos online to help you learn about photography and practice by taking some pictures of friends and family.

You don’t even have to start with big events. Work your way up with smaller shoots. Start shooting portraits, headshots, and family photos. People are always looking for someone to do family portraits, senior pictures, family events, and other gatherings. You can also take some of your sample portraits and fill out an application at a local photo studio or at the mall so you can take pictures part-time.

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Work is out there even for teens. I know that when I was a teen, $500 seemed like a lot of money and often went far. These income ideas for teens are easy and flexible so the job can accommodate anyone's schedule. 

Are you a teen or do you have a teen looking for work right now? Which of these ideas would you consider?



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