How to Get Voice Over Jobs from Home to Make Money?

Has anyone ever told you that you have a great voice? Even if you've never gotten this compliment before, you may be able to land a profitable voice-over job from home if you can speak clearly and animate your voice.

The EASIEST Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online...

There are many ways for people to land voice over jobs from home without even having to go into an office or studio to do the work. Getting the job may be the initial challenge, but there are many different avenues for aspiring voice over talents to find voice over jobs from home.

Whether you're looking to make extra money part-time or launch a brand new career, consider these options to start with.

Not interested? There are several other online side gigs to make easy money such as:

Where To Find Voice Over Jobs Online


Filmless occasionally hires freelance artists to help with projects. The turn around time on some of the voice-overs is just 24 hours so sometimes the staff needs assistance keeping up. Filmless works with start-up and fortune 500 companies. To work with Filmless artists should have their own studio and five years of experience recording voice-overs for videos. Get started here.


Voice-over acting is one of the most popular requested freelance jobs on Fiverr. Join the thousands of actors that earn money doing voice-overs starting out at $5 per job. The experienced, higher-rated actors start their rates out around $100 per gig. Fiverr allows clients to find a particular actor to complete work for them.

The higher a freelancer is rated the better on Fiverr. Do quality work and it’s not out of the question to get plenty of repeat clients through the platform. Go here to create an account.

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Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings focuses on voice-overs for business telephone systems. Artists are responsible for on hold messages, greetings, voice prompts, and more! Snap Recordings does also offer services in Spanish so being bilingual will be a plus and perfect way to make as much money as possible.

Snap Recordings doesn’t just offer recordings, but can also get clients over 1000 pre-licensed songs to play during hold times. There are certain types of Clients who use Snap Recordings including banking, medical, real estate, and insurance. Get started here.

Mandy Voices

Join the over 2.5 million members who have created a free profile with Mandy Voices. The self-proclaimed number one job platform for voice-over artists was formerly known as Voices Pro. Mandy is a very large network with professionals from all over the entertainment industry including film, TV, and theater. Mandy Voices has over 1000 employers registered through their directory.

Voice Bunny

Voice Bunny has a pool of artists who do voice-over work for thousands of clients. As an artist with Voice Bunny, a sample of your work will be available for anyone who browses a voice actor's profile. Make sure the best sample is used! Join the over 30,000 voice-over artists on Voice Bunny. Go here to get started!

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Social Media

Artists can also search on social media for potential connections. Do a little research and connect with different companies on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has grown into a great place to connect with other professionals and get to know people in your industry.

The voice-over business isn’t any different. Recruiters are always trying to connect with new talent, so make sure your demo reel has only your best work. Once connected LinkedIn allows users to have a conversation and see if things can work out.

Also searching certain hashtags ( ex. #voiceover, #narrator, #voiceactor, etc.) on platforms like Instagram and Twitter may lead to some additional voice over jobs from home. Following and connecting with people in the industry on those platforms may not be as productive as Linkedin, but it’s worth a try!

YouTube can be another great place to showcase talent! Start a YouTube channel that highlights previous work that you’ve done in the past. If the equipment and editing skills are there keep making videos showing people just how talented you are. Stay consistent and stick with it and with the correct marketing strategy, this can be a key to a successful future.

Voice Over Agency

Voice Over agencies help find actor's jobs for a living. This can be a great way to find business and get your name out there. If freelance sites (e. Upwork, PeoplePerHour, Guru, etc.) and social media isn’t bringing the results that maybe you’d hoped look to see if there are any voice over agencies in your area. They typically just ask for a brief bio and your demo tape to start off.

Having an agent will make life easier because they not only help find auditions but also book them. If it goes well they will negotiate the contract. Agents get paid when they actually book and close the deal for clients. So they may search in places for auditions that you didn’t think to look.

Doing voice-over work jobs from home can bring in some good money. It may take some time, but this can be a great career to be in. There are so many different ways to break into the industry from video games, radio, television, film, you name it.

Keep updating your demo reel with your best work, and don’t give up on your dream and you could be making good money as a voice-over artist in no time. It’s a talent that not everyone has so why not use your gift to make a living.

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