How To Make Money Reading and Selling Books Online

If you are reading this, then I am sure you are a lover of books, and you would have probably spent a whole lot of cash buying some exciting books from some of the best authors the world has ever heard of. This means you have a lot of money kept somewhere in your bedroom, library, or stashed up somewhere in your basement.

If you are someone that loves reading and writing for pleasure like me, then I am sure you are happy to know that there are ways to make money your books.

There are lots of book stores that are willing to pay cash for some of your textbooks, novels, photo books, and even CD books that you do not need again. There are also others that will pay you to write a detailed review on some books since you probably have an interest in reading.

Now that you know that you can make money by selling and reading books, how can you get started?

Make Money Selling Your Books

The first step to selling your books online is to determine the value of your books on Bookscouter. Bookscouter is a well know site that helps determine the current value of any book you want to sell. All you need to do in order to determine the value of your old book on Bookscouter is to just type in the ISBN of the book you want to sell and then get the current value of your book.

What makes it more interesting is that Bookscouter will also pair you with book vendors that want to purchase the book you are willing to sell. When you get any offer, all you need to do is accept and then print the shipping label, which helps you know where to ship the books. You will then receive your check by mail after the book has been received by the used books vendor.

If you are not using interested in selling any book, you can also use Bookscouter to buy books and then sell them at a higher price.

Apart from Bookscouter, there are also other bookselling websites that you can use to sell or purchase your used books. You can also sell books on the following sites:

These sites also help you make money on book sales if you do not get any vendor to purchase your books on Bookscouter though there is only a little chance that it might happen.

Make Money Reading Books

If you do not have that much book to sell, but you are still looking to make money with books, then you can also make good money by reading books and offering to write a detailed review of the books. There are lots of sites that are willing to pay you to write book reviews, and some of these sites are:

If you are someone that loves reading and writing for pleasure like me, then I am sure you are happy to know that there are ways to make money by reading and selling your old books. So take advantage of this opportunity! 

Do you have any additional resources for this list? Share them in the comments below.

Not interested? There are several other online side gigs to make easy money, such as:

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