Best 5 Ways To Get Paid To Chat, Text, & Flirt with Men Online

Ever wondered if you could actually getting paid by flirting with men online? Yes, you can! The companies that will pay you to chat, text, and flirt online.By now, you must have heard about work from home job opportunities where you sign up and start earning money right in the comfort of your home by doing small tasks. There are several easy options available when it comes to working at home such as:

The latest entrant into these work from home jobs is getting paid to chat, text, and flirt online. Yes, you can get paid to flirt, chat, and do what you basically love doing.

Comparatively, if getting paid to take chat and flirt online is not your thing, check out or Paid Viewpoint.

Get Paid To Chat, Text, and Flirt with Men Online?

These sites are used by people looking for a fun connection with another person or seeking for a service that will fill an emotional void.

The following below are some of the companies that will pay you to chat, text and flirt with men online:

Chat Recruit

This is online chat service that allows you to chat with men through a phone call or text messaging. It also offers webcam chats for those who are comfortable with video chats. You basically become your own boss and earn as much as you want. The company pays its participants particularly in UK and Europe through direct deposits and bank transfers for those who live outside these countries.  You can earn up to $2 per minute every time you chat.

Go here to sign up with Chat Recruit.

Dream Lover

This is yet another online chat website that pays people to chat and flirt. However, this company focuses on women as models and encourages people to share their photos through their text messaging service. This does not mean that you will be forced to share your photos. No, you can just chat with men without sending them your photos. You are your own boss and the more you chat the more money you earn. The good thing about this company is that it allows women 18 years and older from all over the world to participate.

Go here to get started with Dream Lover.


This is perhaps the most popular chat website that allows women to chat with men. This is because of its user-friendly features. This site focuses on women chatting with men through a chat console and the women are known as a chat hostess. The website seeks women who have:

  • Exceptional typing skills
  • Have fun personalities
  • Can hold a good conversation
  • Free to talk about anything

However, a participant must be at least years old to qualify as a chat hostess. The company pays through PayPal and participants can make withdrawals twice per month. The good thing about this service is that you choose who to chat with.

Lip Service

This company is essentially a marketplace that links chat agencies to qualified chatters. It is basically a place where you can start an online chat business and get clients through the service. Lip Service accepts women participants from the United States and Canada at the moment and you must be 18 years and above to qualify.


My Girl Fund is yet another work from home chat service that allows women to chat, flirt, and text men for extra cash.  The men sign up and start looking for a woman online who will chat with them and make them feel loved. Fortunately, the site prohibits you from revealing your personal information. Therefore, your privacy is guaranteed.

Final Words

Why should you waste your time and bundles chatting online for free when you can get paid to chat, text and flirt with men? Check out the above companies that will pay you for doing what you love doing.   


  1. Layla

    Hi Lashay, I love this list, short, simple, & to the point. I’ve signed up, recently, for one that isn’t on here, hopefully I’ll be getting started soon, as I have a desperate need to make extra income, despite having a disability.

  2. Sara

    Is there jobs like these that actually consider you an employee?

  3. Jessica

    Hi my name jessica and i apply for the But its saying my account is currently not verified what is that about? I really need this job here

    1. DieselAngel247

      Did you ever get verified? I signed up with them. It is going on 5 days now..still waiting.

        1. Lemondrop

          I signed up with girlfund ages ago and I haven’t been verified either. I’ve taken to emailing support every week until a real person contacts me

  4. Bea LaZay

    They seem too good to be true. Not saying they’re scams but still.

  5. Leiann Spontaneo

    With Dream Lover, can a girl work simply using her laptop? Also, does Dream Lover pay via PayPal?

  6. Trisha Martin

    thank you!!! great article!!! and great resources!!! i’ve been working from home, for 13 years, and most recently for the past 6, working as an online tarot card reader. i’m always looking for new avenues to streamline, that cashola to me. needed a little bit more, so did some googling, and landed here. i’ve signed up, with two of the companies, and looking forward to hearing back from them. also, in years gone by, i’ve been a telephone actress, really wasn’t for me, for the long-term, but would always steer folks, in that direction, if they were in need of extra cash. can’t knock the hustle! thanks again!!!

    1. Chrystal

      I’ve never heard of telephone acting…. How do you get into that?

  7. Karla roberts

    Hi I’ve just joined up,just want some advice on what to do not sure how to go about this,but need to earun some extra money

  8. John

    Hi is there any chat jobs for men to get paid why is it always women who get paid??

      1. Megan Ashbaugh

        I need to know where I go to make money from chatting with men online

  9. KimRenay

    I think its great you posted this! To each their own and its a way to make money at home, safely at home. Its no different than acting and no worse than some of the movies we are seeing these days. Your website is awesome! Great site! I’ve been following WAH sites for years and have worked from home for years. I really like your site, great job!

    1. Thank you very much Kim! Just wanted to share a variety of opportunities for those that are interested. Thanks for stopping by sharing your feedback 🙂

  10. SS7

    I’m surprised that you posted something like this. The last link led to a chat sex line. Well, I guess this is for some. Not for me.

  11. Cheryl Haynes

    I love your leads! You have some great ones! Keep up the work lady!

    1. Lashay H.

      I love your leads! You have some great ones! Keep up the work lady!

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