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15 Ways To Fund Your Vacations without Shrinking Your Budget

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Making extra money is a great way to save money that will allow you to travel and enjoy vacations at a location of your choiceMaking extra money is a great way to save money that will allow you to travel and enjoy vacations at a location of your choice. Fortunately, the internet has made it much easier to make money from anywhere doing the things you love.

Online jobs are a good source of extra money and some do not require any special skills to get hired. All you will need is a working computer and stable internet to make it easier to deliver quality work or feedback and get paid well.

Some of the ways in which you can earn money online and pay for your summer vacation include:

#1 – Take Surveys 

Many companies offer online surveys to internet users and pay them for completing them satisfactorily. The payment for the surveys varies on topic and length and can range from  $0.25 up to $25 or more. However, they only allow you to take the surveys after going through a pre-screening process. Some of the popular survey sites are Swagbucks, Vindale Research, Ipsos-Isay, and Online Cash Surveys among others.

#2 –  Sell off electronics

If you have old electronic devices that you no longer use you can turn them into cash by selling them off to specific websites. Gazelle is one such site that allows you to sell iPads and mobile phones after answering some questions and if approved you can send it to them and receive payment through PayPal or even check.

#3 – Sell on e-bay

Items that are not used on a regular basis are a gold mine for those that know where to sell them. E-bay is one such site that has been set up for online users to sell various items and make money from the sale. It is a better option because users of the site earn money from sales on the site and do so in a short time.

#4 – Do affiliate marketing 

If you are blogger or have a website, then making money through affiliate marketing is the best way to fund a vacation. Many companies offer online users a chance to earn commissions when they market their products and services to others. Payment is usually some percentage of the overall sales done or a flat rate when you provide a lead to a potential client.

#5 – Organize garage sales 

Although selling online is considered the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of unwanted stuff, you can decide to plan for a garage sale instead. This type of sale is ideal for items that are low-priced or cannot be shipped in case of purchase. Ensure that you tell us many people as possible about the upcoming garage sale in your neighborhood its environs so as to make more sales.

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# 6 – Search for online freelance jobs

Freelance jobs are many online, you only need to know where to look to get those that match your skills. If you are familiar with freelancing, you can bid for jobs from different online sites but if you are new, you can check our People Per Hour. This is an aggregate site that displays freelance jobs from various sites making it easier and less time consuming to find a freelance job and get paid.

#7 – Earn through gift cards

Gift cards are an easy way to earn money doing simple tasks online that can help fund your vacation. These cards are usually provided by retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart or even Target, which are well-known brands. When tasks like playing games, shopping online, web search, and taking surveys are done satisfactorily, users are awarded gift cards that can be redeemed for various items including cash. Swagbucks is one of the popular sites offering such opportunities.

#8 – Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace for various services that are sold at $5 to buyers on the site. It does not matter the service being offered as long it has customers, you will earn money. If unsure, check on the services already being offered and tailor-make yours to attract more customers.

#9 – Write articles online 

Online writing is one of the easiest ways to earn money for vacation if English is your first language and you have basic writing skills. Many sites are always looking for content writers and will be glad to pay from between $7 to $50 for an article of 500words. Some of the popular article writing sites includes TextbokerArticle Document, HireWriters,  and Elance among others.

#10 – Sell items on Craigslist

Declutter your home and sell unused items online to earn money on Craigslist. The site is the home of many sellers that want to dispose off items quickly to those interested in buying them. However, the buyers on this site do not buy expensive items and are always looking for deals.

#11 – Rent out your home 

Earn money when you are away from home by signing up on AirBnB.com, which is quite popular with people looking for short term accommodation. Homeowners are allowed to specify the dates and rent they expect from those using the living space when they are away. The company insures your home against any damage making it an ideal venture when looking for extra funds to go on vacation.

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#12 – Sell your photos online

If you love taking photos of interesting people, places, and items then selling them on stock photo sites is a great way to make money. Popular sites that buy stock photos are 123F and iStockPhoto which give a percentage of the sales to photographers that use their platform. However, some of these sites have a screening process that you must pass to be allowed to upload photos.

#13 – Sell used books 

Online sites that accept books in exchange for cash or gift cards are cash for books, Bookscouter and half.com among others. These sites buy books from owners that want to sell textbooks or regular books at a good cost. Even so, they have a structure that must be adhered to, for your books to be accepted on the sites.

#14  – Offer online lessons

If you are a graduate and have expert knowledge on a particular subject, you can earn money by teaching others on Skillshare. The website offers a platform for those looking for tutoring jobs to monetize their skills by offering to market their offering to students that often visit their site seeking information. The information shared with students can be in video or an e-book that is prepared by an expert.

#15 – Go to the gym regularly

Regular exercise brings with it health benefits but in some cases, it can also result in financial benefits. If you love going to the gym, then Gympact is a great app for you to make money from as long as you keep to a regular schedule. The application which can be accessed on your mobile or computer pays you from the $5 deductions made from those that do not keep to their schedule.

Generally, having extra money to plan and spend on vacation without having to use part of your regular budget is the best way to keep your finances afloat. The ideas above are a step in the right direction and worth trying out when trying to find ways to fund your vacation.


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