How to Earn $10-$20/Hr Delivering Food with Uber Eats

How to Earn $10-$20/Hr Delivering Food with UberEats Thousands of people in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Africa, and Asia are feeding their families thanks to Uber Eats. This app is gaining increasing popularity every day. Uber Eats provides job seekers with endless opportunities to earn decent money delivering food to their customers.

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How Uber Eats Works

Uber Eats drivers are required to sign into the Uber Eats app using the Driver profile, get to the designated distribution location and pick up food. From there, you will get food requests via the Uber app and make your deliveries to the customer's location.

Benefits of working for Uber Eats:

  • Make easy money
  • No pre-paid card requirements
  • Flexible working hours
  • $5 cash reward for all canceled orders

Drawbacks of working for Uber Eats:

Just like any other job, working for Uber Eats has its own myriad of challenges.

  • No in-app tipping
  • Walk-in drop-offs
  • Payment based on mileage and time
  • Prolonged waiting periods
  • Minimal pay

How Much Do I Earn Delivering Food?

For every successful delivery, you will earn around $3 which translates to $10-$20 per hour. Uber Eats services are divided into two major categories namely Uber Eats Instant Delivery and Full Restaurant delivery.

Customers use the Uber Eats app to select their food preferences before ordering. Your work is to use the app to locate the customer's delivery location. The deliveries can be in form of walk-in drop-offs or curbside.

If you get to the customer’s destination and they take longer than 5 minutes you have the right to activate the cancellation policy and earn a cool $5 cancellation fee in the process.

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Uber Eats Qualifications and Requirements

  • Drivers must be 19 years of age or older
  • Valid driver’s license and insurance
  • At least one year of driving experience
  • Proof of car registration
  • Cars must be at least 19 years old or newer
  • Must be able to lift 30 pounds effectively
  • Must have a car, bike, or scooter
  • Ability to work effectively

How to Get the Best Out of Uber Eats

If you are lucky with your Uber Eats deliveries, you can get the best out of it by taking advantage of available driver incentives. These incentives allow drivers to make extra cash by making a certain number of deliveries within a certain time frame. In simple words, higher deliveries equate to increased earnings. To get the best out of these incentives, promotions, and bonuses stay alert for promotional notifications sent to your phone.

How to Apply for UberEats Delivery Job

Already a driver on the Uber platform?

You can start receiving delivery requests by going to the Driver app menu. Under “account” select “work hub” then “deliver food with Uber Eats.” Keep in mind that in some markets you cannot be an UberX driver and Uber Eats driver at the same time. On the other hand, some markets require you to be an UberX driver in order to make Eats deliveries. So be sure to read the details for your specific location.

Not yet a driver on the Uber platform?

Step 1: First, go here to sign up to become delivery driver using Uber Eats.

Step 2: Upon approval, you will be required to download the Uber Eats app to enable you to receive food requests through your mobile phone. After you set up your account, you will be able to start your scheduled Uber Eats shifts immediately.

Want more information first?

Read all the details on the official Uber Eats Driver website. 

Final Words

The bottom line is that you can earn an honest living making food deliveries for Uber Eats using your car, bicycle, or scooter. If you have a highly flexible schedule with time to spare, turn that time into cash. You can make real money delivering food with Uber Eats.

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