Best 7 Beginner Work from Home Jobs You Can Do With No Experience

One of the very first things to know is that you can definitely do work from home jobs without any experience.

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There are tons of entry-level jobs that can make you money on the side in your spare time, part-time, or even full-time while staying at home.

In this post, I will share some of the best work from home jobs that you can quickly sign up for even if you don’t have the relevant experience.

How to Work from Home With No Experience

Before we get into detail it must be noted that although the jobs listed below do not require any experience, if you have great transferable skills such as fast and accurate typing, excellent communication skills, and or be willing to learn new skills, you will be better placed to secure an online job.

With most of these companies, the requirements are to find remote workers that have common skills that will help their business grow and for you to achieve the income that you want.

So let’s get into the list of companies that have jobs for beginners that you can do.

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Companies That Offer Online Jobs With Little or No Experience

The Chat Shop

The Chat Shop at certain times hires at-home chat agents to provide customer support. As long as you are able to communicate well, are confident, type fast and have high-speed internet you can take up a live chat agent position. This remote job can have you working within sales, tech support, customer support, and cover a wide range of industries. 

You will have to complete an application and a few tests followed by two live interviews. Once successful you will be trained at the Chat Shop Academy before joining your new team.


If you have quick and accurate typing then providing an online data entry service remotely is an excellent way to make extra money while at home. Lionbridge AI offers a range of data entry gigs that you can do on the side. You will have to take a skills test before being accepted and you must have a good internet connection. Read full review!


If you do not have tutoring experience but have the natural skill of teaching others you might want to consider online tutoring. Cambly has English tutoring jobs available that do not require a teaching certificate or a degree. As long as you can converse well with students based all around the world you can start to give one-to-one English lessons.

You can tutor on your own schedule and payment is made weekly via Paypal.

Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a platform that has a variety of virtual assistant jobs available. No expertise is required to sign up but you must be able to do the basics such as internet research, communicate well on the phone, and in writing. Carry out various tasks such as appointment setting, general online research, run errands, type up documents, and other tasks.

As clients are based globally you can work at a time that suits both you and the client. You will receive payment every other week. 

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Uhaul is a popular moving company with a number of part-time work from home jobs such as customer service representatives, customer care representatives, and reservation managers throughout the U.S. If you have working flexibility and have great geographic knowledge of the U.S, you can assist customers by working remotely within the U-Haul sales and reservations departments.

No need to work in a call center environment you can set up your own virtual call center at home and provide efficient customer care services after joining the on the job 4 week training program.

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If you enjoy engaging with customers in all forms then NexRep has home-based jobs covering customer care, plus inbound and outbound sales. You can set your own schedule as an independent contractor. Required skills are you must be customer-focused, professional, be able to multi-task, and be goal-oriented.

On joining NexRep a background check will be done and you will be invited to go through 1- week of certified training.


If you can type super fast you can work with Rev, one of the most well-known transcription companies as a transcriber and captioner, no experience necessary. To be considered you must have good English, accurate typing, and you will have to take a test and provide a sample transcription or caption for review.

Once approved you’ll be able to register and choose from hundreds of projects. Payment is made weekly via Paypal.

Watch on YouTube: IMMEDIATE NEED! Easy Work from Home Job for Beginners & Pros

Final Thoughts on Beginner Work at Home Jobs

There are a lot more companies that offer at-home jobs if you do not have any previous experience. You can even create your own job by freelancing. As long as you have the right type of skills you can have a well-paid career offering writing, graphic design, social media and many other in-demand services. You can also offer all these skills as a freelance virtual assistant.

Now that you know that you can earn even as a total beginner why not share this list of entry-level jobs you can do from home with no experience with others.

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