Home Babysitting Jobs: 7 Ways To Make Money in 2020

Today, we will cover how to find home babysitting jobs near you. There are plenty of apps and websites that have work waiting, and just need qualified home babysitters to come and take them.

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If you enjoy caring for children, this can be the perfect opportunity to make a living doing some you enjoy. Here are 7 ways to make money with home babysitting jobs right now.

Home Babysitting Jobs: 7 Ways To Make Money in 2020

1. SitterCity

One great place to start looking for home babysitting jobs is SitterCity. Over the past 19 years, SitterCity has built up a clientele of over 7 million people needing care. Sitters are needed in all 50 states across the globe. A New York SitterCity parent said what most parents probably try and work through. 

“We have kids and we love them, but we need time to be adults too.” 

That’s when SitterCity comes in and provides that help parents need. Whether it’s part-time or full-time work. Could be watching the kids at your home or the client’s home. 

2. UrbanSitter

Another home babysitter network that’s been around for over a decade is UrbanSitter. UrbanSitter lets their workers keep 100% of the earnings. Top sitters on the platform earn over $1,000 per week. This can be a great place to build the babysitting business you always wanted.

To get started, all you have to do is create a profile through their website. You’ll need to provide where you would like to work, your child care experiences, your availability, rates, and submit a background check. 

3. Babysits

Babysits is another platform to look for babysitting work. It isn’t as competitive as some of the other websites with just over 9,000 registered sitters. Sitters must be at least 18-years-old to join the network.

Opportunities are posted on the job board and that’s where you’ll find the list of work. Babysits also let sitters keep 100% of the earnings they make.  

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4. Care.com

Care.com is one of the most well-known care networks out there. It's a website where people can go to find a pet, senior, and childcare are all options through one site. Since Care.com is such a popular platform that jobs get added often. They allow sitters to set up email notifications so they’ll be notified when new jobs are uploaded on the site. In order to be picked for those jobs through Care, it’s best to fill out your profile to the best of your ability. 

The more information you give, the better chance parents will pick you to watch their children. Highlighting skills can be key to getting attention to your profile. Parents like to know their kids and in good hands so if you’ve had first aid or CPR classes in the past that would be a nice addition to your profile.  Also if you are bilingual that would be a great thing to add as well. 

5. Zum

Zum is an app for childcare and rides for kids. A lot of the work will be before and after school. Similar to Uber, parents can request rides to practices or tutoring sessions with Zum. They’ll just need to give a few hours' notices beforehand. When parents sign up for the platform, they are assigned a maximum of 6 Zumers. This will help lessen the chances of children having to see a new person every time. There are a few requirements for Zumers to join the platform.

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • A clean driving record
  • Have a background in childcare 
  • 3 years of driving experience
  • Checked and approved by the FBI, Trustline, and US Department of Justice

Not everyone can become a Zum worker, only 1 in 5 applicants are approved. Zum is also limited to the San Francisco Bay area. However, you can receive a bonus of up to $500 just for signing up. 

6. SeekingSitters

SeekingSitters launched in 2004 and has grown to now listing thousands of home babysitter jobs every month. A few big things that SeekingSitters want their sitters to have is S.T.Y.L.E

  • S- Safety
  • T- Time
  • Y-Yack
  • L-Look
  • E- Exit

SeekingSitters has an in-house investigation system that ensures applications are the right people for the job. You are able to set your own availability, and you can then find home babysitting jobs that work best with your schedule. SeekingSitters is an option in many cities in the U.S. including Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Nashville, Phoenix, and San Diego. 

7. eNannySource 

eNannySource.com has been around longer than most of the others on this list, dating all the way back to 1994. They stand out because they offer training through their Nanny Training website. Students from 30 countries have used the specific training they offer. You do have to pay for the course, but prices start as low as $69.

The certificate you receive after completing the course can help build confidence with parents. You can earn the certificate at your own pace. Before each job, parents and nannies are expected to come up with a mutually acceptable work agreement which should include salary, schedule, and specific duties, and other details.  

Final Words on Home Babysitting Jobs

As you can see, it's not difficult to find home babysitting leads and paying jobs since so many parents need regular care. You can use a few of these sites to help you connect with other potential babysitting clients and you can even set your own rates and availability. Work from your own home or visit clients' homes nearby. You may even want to offer add-on services like light housekeeping and homework help to increase your value in the marketplace.


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